Brian Dawkins speaks up on concussions

Current Bronco and former Eagles safety Brian Dawkins spoke with Tim McManus of Philly Sports Daily recently and addressed the serious issue of concussions both mild and severe. Frighteningly, Dawkins told McManus it's impossible to keep track of all the mild head injuries he's suffered throughout his career that didn't take him off the field. Meanwhile, the notoriously hard hitter said he believes he's suffered four concussions that have knocked him out cold and/or caused him memory loss. Dawkins said,

It’s a concern, and it should be a concern to everybody...We have to make sure that the men who play the game are protected for long after they are done so that our legends can be living legends.

McManus' article is a worthwhile read, as is John Miller's related column on the same site. (via PFT)

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