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Good Morning, Broncos fans! John Elway called it "one of the best throws I've ever seen," which is heady praise from one of the best throwers of the football in history. The recipient of the pass, Demaryius Thomas, is still marveling at it, more than a week later, and having already played another game in the interim, but he does so with good reason.

We're talking about the first of Peyton Manning's two third-quarter TD passes to Thomas against Tampa Bay, and we've been meaning to show how ridiculous a play it was. Not much needs to be said, aside from pointing out that while Demaryius is just two strides into the end zone, the ball is already coming out of Peyton's hand:

The business end of the arrow is where Thomas catches the pass, and the next photo shows just how close the ball (my crude circle) is to Demaryius while he's still behind and to the right (from Peyton's perspective) of the defensive back.



Videos: Justin Bannan says the team enjoyed their extra days off; several players visited kids at the Denver Rescue Mission last night; NFL Films on Peyton Manning's goals for the season.

Since losing to them in 1998 and 2001, Peyton has beaten Baltimore eight times in a row - including once in the playoffs at M&T - and has taken very few sacks against them.

So, how many of you figured for Mitch Unrein to be Denver's next dual threat?

Demaryius Thomas says he aims to become the NFL's best wide receiver.

Given Denver's earlier struggles against it, Jeff Legwold thinks the Ravens were wise to switch to Jim Caldwell and what will presumably a heavier use of the no-huddle.

Although Legwold points to the record of the teams Denver has beaten in order to show they're unproven against top teams, we'd submit that thumpings of Carolina and New Orleans, road wins at Carolina and San Diego, and home victories over Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay are all nothing to sneeze at. As for whether they can win on the road in the playoffs, well, they have PMFM and a terrific defense. What more does a team need?

In his mailbag, Mike Klis thinks Jacob Hester may make his Broncos debut on Sunday, and he says their lack of guaranteed money ensures that both Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno will be with the team next summer.

Ron Borges marvels at Peyton Manning's season and sees no valid case for anyone else to be named the league's MVP.


Reserve rookie corner Asa Jackson, who has only suited up once for Baltimore this season, was suspended four games for PED use; he had just one tackle, on special teams.

As poor as Baltimore's defense has been, they somehow rank first in red-zone defense and are 10th in points allowed.

The firing of Cam Cameron leaves Joe Flacco with nobody else to blame as he tries to prove he's worth a big new contract over the next several weeks.

Bucky Brooks thinks Jim Caldwell's task is a simple one that he can fulfill by focusing his game plans on Ray Rice, Torrey Smith, Dennis Pitta, Ed Dickson, and the no-huddle.

In their loss to Washington, Baltimore struggled against overload blitzes, and Michael Oher had trouble against speed rushers. To which we say, Joe Flacco and Michael Oher, meet Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil.

Sun writer Mike Preston thinks Joe Flacco's ceiling is around the same as Tony Romo's, sees Michael Oher as a RT rather than LT, and doesn't think the Ravens can beat either Manning brother over the next two weeks.


Chicago placed K Robbie Gould on IR and replaced him with Olindo Mare; Indy shelved Donald Brown and replaced him with Mewelde Moore; also headed to IR were Pats WR Donte' Stallworth, Jacksonville G Michael Brewster, Lions DT Corey Williams, Panthers S Haruki Nakamura, Niners special-teamer Demarcus Dobbs.

The LOLJets waived RB Khalil Bell and brought back Braylon Edwards by claiming him on waivers from Seattle, after he'd recently said the "idiots" in charge, and not Buttfumble, were to blame for the team's offensive ineptitude.

Guard David DeCastro may finally start for the Steelers this week, after a knee injury had wiped out much of his rookie season; Pittsburgh suspended RB Rashard Mendenhall one game for detrimental conduct.

The Chargers are resorting to Groupon to try to avoid what would be their third straight home game blackout.

CBS has this year's Super Bowl, and they will be providing extensive pre- and post-game coverage on its sports network.


Paul Tagliabue's decision makes it quite clear he thinks the Ginger Hammer is a whimsical, overzealous hack who completely ignored precedent in meting out his punishments at random.

On the topic of the overly punitive Commish, Hub Arkush hones in on the ridiculous hypocrisy required to fine so many players in the name of safety while conducting weekly Thursday night games.

Patrick Hruby makes a call to end the public subsidization of professional sports, and how many team owners would you suppose voted for Mr. 47%?

More reaction from Pats/Texans: Mike Lombardi sees a Houston team built to frontrun, while Matt Bowen examines the brutal pick thrown by Matt Schaub to Devin McCourty.

PFF's best (Von Miller) and worst players of Week 14; Miami's Cameron Wake edges Von among the most productive pass rushers on third and fourth down; Jacob Tamme has the most pass blocks in the league at any position without allowing a pressure.


Over at KSK, a translation of PK's MMQB, a guide to the worst NFL holiday gifts available, and the shocking revelation that Joe Buck's musical taste doesn't suck.

Now that the Ultimate Teammate™ has officially jumped the shark by endorsing a technology that was most recently exciting in the prior millennium, executives at the Worldwide Leader are finally ready to admit they overdid it with their coverage of him.

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