Boos again?

Robert Ayers posted some tweets yesterday admonishing the community about the booing of Kyle Orton on Saturday. They read,

Really wish fans stopped boing Orton... He is our qb and our coach thinks he gives us the best chance of winning... Fans please respect that...Not against Tebow at all.. I support whoever is our starting qb.. Regardless who it is.. We win and lose as a team... #TEAM

I’d echo his thoughts - folks, it’s just not right. We’re better than this. As a community, we need to start showing it. Cheer for all of them, or cheer for your favorite players - and if you don’t like the next one, please just put a sock in it. This isn’t Philadelphia, for heaven’s sake. I’d like to see the next crowd go out of their way to cheer like banshees for all of the Broncos.

I am (orange and) blue because there are still some Broncos fans whose angst toward Kyle Orton makes them boo him when he takes a slide on an inconsequential, early camp scrimmage. Seriously, folks - hasn’t this gone far enough? Denver’s coaches are going to make a decision based upon an intimate knowledge that we don’t have. I trust them. They’re going to go out of their way to make it as fair as they can and still get their best performer as prepared as possible. Orton making some foolish show and getting his bell rung in a public scrimmage would have been an absurd behavior on his part. He didn’t even do something wrong. You know, even if he had, booing your own team’s players is as low as it gets. That isn’t supporting anyone and it doesn’t belong in Denver.

How about we let the players play and let them rise and fall on their own merits? Don’t call yourself a fan and then boo a player in the first stadium scrimmage. In fact, if you’d leave as a fan over who plays one position better, please take a few deep breaths and get a grip. It’s great to be enthusiastic, and it’s normal to be impassioned - that’s everyone’s own choice, yet sometimes it can get out of hand, too. This time it has.

I dated a counselor once who told a patient, “Okay, now let me see your inner adult.” (Good morning, old friend). I’d like to ask everyone who’s a Broncos fan for the same. Let’s support the team, shall we? It’s happened on the day that Shannon Sharpe - who in many ways epitomized teamwork - was being enshrined into the Hall of Fame. That shouldn’t have marred it. The rest of us need to tell the boo birds that it’s time to migrate. 

Learn to laugh at yourself. You will be ceaselessly amused. - Sri Gary Olsen

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