Bills interested in McCoy; Broncos rebuff Chargers on Russell

As expected, the list of teams interested in Broncos OC Mike McCoy is growing. McCoy will already be interviewing with the Bears and Cardinals this weekend, and the Bills have thrown their hat into the ring by requesting permission from the Broncos to meet with him.

John Elway & Co. have already established that any suitors must come to the Denver area to interview McCoy, so presumably they'll be playing by that same rule. It's hard to imagine the Broncos not granting Buffalo's request.

However, the team has turned down one advance already - that of the Chargers, who expressed an interest in meeting with Matt Russell about the GM vacancy created by the firing of A.J. Smith.

It had to be a relatively easy call for Elway and Russell, because why would John want to let San Diego steal away his right-hand man, and why would the personnel director want to leave when he's already the de facto GM in Denver? If anything, perhaps Russell can parlay this development into a raise.

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