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Good Morning, Broncos fans! We've often railed against the all-too-common practice of handing out massive subsidies and tax breaks to billionaire NFL owners.

Score one for the good guys.

The Florida House has rejected the advances of welfare queen Stephen Ross, who was begging for a tax rebate up to $90M, and a handout as big as $289M, to spruce up a stadium that underwent renovations as recently as 2006.

Naturally, Ross is whining about being denied the ability to further profit off the backs of hardworking taxpayers, and continues to claim that the stadium renovation would have produced 4,000 jobs.

Sounds like a lot of jobs, until we consider that it's a made up figure, the jobs would be temporary (two years), and they'd come at a heavy public cost, using money otherwise used to fund public safety, education, and protecting the environment.


Stuart Zaas sums up Jacob Tamme's comments from the other day; Gray Caldwell responds to reader questions.

Including Quant Smith, John Fox's teams have drafted three of the last four players to have had three-sack games against Alabama.


Kansas City hired away Chicago's director of pro scouting, Chris Ballard, and gave him a promotion.

New England's Bill Belichick and his coaching staff will be hosting Tampa Bay's Greg Schiano and Co. next week to talk shop, even though the two teams are scheduled to face off in Week 3.

Those meddlesome anonymous scouts continue to pile onto Geno Smith.

Texans safety Ed Reed underwent surgery to repair a labral tear in his hip; Baltimore hired Steve Spagnuolo as a senior defensive assistant; Detroit claimed two players off waivers; Philly hosted Pats LB Trevor Scott; Cards linebacker Daryl Washington was charged with assaulting his baby mama.


Of course, Peyton Manning (7) and Von Miller (4) rank among PFF's top 10 players from 2012.

Chase Stuart lists lengthy 100-yard rusher droughts for teams; three such streaks were broken for Denver by Donnie Stone, Floyd Little, and Sammy Winder.

Tom Krasovic considers the uninspiring options facing the Chargers at left tackle, where someone will be dealing with Von Miller and Shaun Phillips twice yearly.


Bucky Brooks grades the drafts of the NFCW teams.

Don Banks notes a league-wide trend of collecting players who share an alma mater; in Denver's case, they currently have three ASU Sun Devils, four Baylor Bears, two BYU Cougars, two Florida Gators, two GT Yellow Jackets, three Georgia Bulldogs, two Kansas Jayhawks, three Kentucky Wildcats, two LSU Tigers, two Miami Hurricanes, two New Mexico Lobos, two North Dakota State Bison (Tyrone Braxton!), two Oklahoma Sooners, two Purdue Boilermakers, three SDSU Aztecs, two Temple Owls, four Tennessee Vols, three Texas Tech Red Raiders, two UCLA Bruins, two Utah Utes, a partridge in a pear tree, and I can't believe I just took the time to make this stupid list.

Scott Kacsmar applies his typically exhaustive research to instances when teams drafted multiple first-rounders; Denver has done so twice - in 2009 and 2010.


Washington QB Kirk Cousins, who is a staunch Christian, offers an excellent message of inclusion regarding homosexuals.

If a tried-and-true good ol' boy like Karl Malone can see that it's not for anyone to judge others for their sexual preferences, what's keeping others from reaching the same conclusion?

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