Bill Romanowski as HOFer? LOL

I had my fun this morning with Mike Klis's latest mailbag, but unfortunately the restraints of time meant a choice between focusing on Tebow bookselling and Denver HOF stumping.

Obviously, Tebow Schadenfreude won out.

But there's no internet commandment that says I can't circle back to discuss Klis's HOF candidates from the 97/98 SB teams.

Aside from Tebow/Collin Klein as the future of innovation in the NFL, the gravest offense to good sense occurs when Klis suggests Bill Romanowski deserves consideration as a Pro Football HOFer (LOL):

I do think seven other Broncos from that era -- Rod Smith, Atwater, Davis, Jason Elam, Tom Nalen, Mike Shanahan and (don't spit on me for this) Bill Romanowski -- are all worthy of Hall of Fame consideration.

Romanowski has no shot and for two good reasons: One, the belief and evidence he benefited from performance enhancing drugs; and two, the inexcusable spitting incident of J.J. Stokes on national TV. Which is too bad because, like it or not, Romo was the heart and soul of the Broncos' defense, if not the team.

As an aside, I don't see Smith and Elam as HOFers, as much as I appreciate their significant places in Broncos history, but let's save that for another day.

But Romo? This has to be a joke.

Yes, it's fair to call Bill the "heart and soul" of the defense from that era, although he at best shares that title with Atwater, Neil Smith, and Alfred Williams, who were all vocal leaders, and at their peak, far better players than Romo. John Mobley might also have something to say about this.

Heart and soul of the whole squad, though? Holy hyperbole Batman, but this was a team featuring John Elway, Shannon Sharpe, Terrell Davis, Gary Zimmerman, Tom Nalen, Mark Schlereth, Rod Smith, Ed McCaffrey, and Tyrone Braxton, for crying out loud.

Marking Bill as a potential HOFer is downright obnoxious. The guy was a very good player for sure, who had a nice career, aside from spitting in the face of J.J. Stokes, and later breaking the face of Raiders teammate Marcus Williams.

But he was never, ever a great player, nor among the league's very best linebackers. (Yes, he was twice a Pro Bowler, which means that to voters, he was among the best 10 or 12 linebackers in the league in those years).

Certainly, he's not an all-time great.

What do you think? Am I being cruel to Romo in hindsight?

Mike Klis thinks Bill Romanowski deserves HOF consideration. Do you?

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