Beta feature: What we’re reading

For a long time blogs have had blogrolls1. Until they didn't. Although some still do. It's a nice gesture, and we're appreciative to see IAOFM on any of them.

We wanted to create something a little more useful for you, our dear readers2.

We created our own river of news. There are currently over 10 sources, and we'll be adding more shortly. The most recent stories are shown, with a byline, the date, and a quick blurb. The page will update frequently throughout the day.

It's in "beta" right now because it's not stable enough to link to from the main navigation, nor is it complete. There are a few more things to add to the page to round it out, along with more sources to add. I want to share it now because I think it's useful enough for visiting, as I've been doing, and because I'm a glutten for feedback.

1. Blogrolls are simply lists of other blogs or sites that are linked to, usually on the side of the homepage, or every page. It was "mandatory" for a while for blogs, which were more blog-y than they are now.
2. That came off condescending, but I'm leaving it there anyway. We love you.

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