Banged-up O-Line Lard 9-16-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Laurence Maroney passed his physical and is officially a Bronco. Unfortunately, several important players did not practice yesterday - Chris Kuper, Ryan Harris (no surprise there), Eddie Royal, Wesley Woodyard and Darcel McBath (still). Quite clearly, the offensive line is in rough enough shape as it is, and if Kuper were to join Harris on the sideline on Sunday, the Broncos will have to throw often and quickly. On the bright side, Demaryius Thomas was a full practice participant, so at least Kyle Orton will have more people to make those hurried throws to…

Broncos/Sea Chickens

DP - Newly-acquired RB Laurence Maroney passed his physical, but not in time to practice yesterday. Handily, Klis recaps the Broncos’ 2011 draft picks (1, 2, 2, (from MIA for BMarsh), 3, 6, 6). Six in total, or only one less than a normal cache. More importantly, three in the first two rounds - so plenty of ammo to move around with.

DP - Legwold looks at the Maroney trade in terms of Belichick/McDaniels. Hopefully we’ll find the RB more useful than the Pats did. Plus, he examines the Broncos’ first-down horrors on Sunday.

DP - Legwold responds to a ready-to-panic fan. Woody thinks Mark Sanchez, Matt Schwab (sic), Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick, among others are better than Kyle Orton. Guy knows so much about NFL QBs that he can’t even spell the name of the guy who led the league in attempts, completions and yards. Really, these mail questions should be left to people like The Dude, who just happens to be debuting his Mail Revue today!

DP - Sounds like old friends Tyler Polumbus and Ben Hamilton will be starting for Seattle on Sunday.

DP - Ryan Harris is starting a health care business. Hopefully, this is not because he thinks his own need for constant care is going to continue…

DP - Some questions about the character and intentions of Shay Shay’s accuser from some of her acquaintances. Something a bit odd about this story. Shannon calling in favors with the DP?


Hmmm. A day after the Chefs president quit, so did his female assistant. Coincidence?? I think not.

Chefs DE Tyson Jackson may not play on Sunday. Plus, KC moved LB Cameron Sheffield to IR, replacing him on the roster with LB Charlie Anderson.

Jokeland cut KR Yamon Figurs. Taking his place on the roster is old friend Erik Pears.

Other Stuff

After getting back Reggie Bush’s 2005 trophy, the Heisman Trust doesn’t want to bother with giving it to someone else.

Mike Lombardi can’t stop laughing at Andy Reid and Brad Childress’ continued butchering of clock management.

Andrew Brandt explains how he and Ted Thompson whiffed twice on Randy Moss back in 2007 and 2008.

QBs who were new to their teams didn’t do so hot in Week 1. Plus, a neat little shot at Cutler as the clincher, haha.

CHFF is horrified by the offenses of the Cowboys and Bears.

The excellent Alan Schwarz continues his work with head trauma and football. Unfortunately, he’s got a very depressing question to ask: If the Iggles’ medical staff isn’t good enough to quickly diagnose a concussion, how can we expect trainers of our country’s younger football players to be equipped to do so?

Ouch. Mike Silver dumps Denver down to #26 on his weekly power poll. Folks, please don’t get too much into a lather over this. It doesn’t actually matter…

Here’s Dave Goldberg’s Dirty Dozen for Week 1.

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