Axe to grind Lard 12-5-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! I hope you're enjoying your weekend so far. If you are, perhaps you should skip past the DP links today. This is not about positivity versus negativity - all three of TJ, Doc and myself can each make a case that McDaniels should move on. We just don't think those cases are strong enough at this point to warrant his firing. But someone over at the DP most definitely wants Josh McDaniels canned - all you need is to glance at the headlines, quite frankly. So, continue on - at your own peril. If you'd rather not, just skip ahead to Andrew Mason's entry. 


Here's the DP's scantastic preview. it's all downhill from there, unless you like your blood boiling.

Klis again parses Pat Bowlen's words, focusing on the released statement that may or may not have corrected Bowlen's FanHouse interview. Really, if the DP isn't trying to bury Josh McDaniels then I don't know what they're doing...

And if you're not sure? Check out the incendiary headline they came up with for Kiszla's innocuous mailbag.

For good measure, Woody piles on. In what may be some actual journalism, he claims that two different Broncos employees ratted out McDaniels and Steve Scarnecchia, while a third was Jay Glazer's tipster.

Meanwhile, Krieger again questions McDaniels' personnel moves. Yes, the same ones. Although, it seems someone at the DP has decided of late that the trade with which to rile everyone up is the Laurence Maroney deal. Definitely not a good one, but it's getting a bit overblown.

Mason provides his pregame questions and answers and predicts a big Chefs victory.

LJ finds out a bit about Eric Decker's upbringing.

Klis makes the bizarre case that the Big IF is among the toughest stadiums for road teams to play in. Tops on the list? Gillette Stadium. Maybe because the Pats have been the best team in the league over the past 10 years...

Randy Covitz on Brandon Lloyd's homecoming.


Kent Babb examines the rivalry between the Broncos and Chefs.

Apparently the Chefs' latest draft class is full of great guys.

Teicher predicts the Chefs by a TD.

Cindy Hoedel profiles Chefs CEO Clark Hunt.

Acee previews Dolts/Jokeland. Chris Jenkins does the same.

Tafur profiles Jokeland WR Jacoby Ford. Plus, his notes.


In Dan Pompei's Sunday column, he says Jon Gruden would be interested in the Denver job if McDaniels is axed. Meanwhile, he reminds folks why the Broncos actually traded Peyton Hillis:

In Denver, fans are wondering how Josh McDaniels let Peyton Hillis get away. Part of the reason is Hillis struggled to pick up and integrate McDaniels’ complex offense. Pass protection in particular was an issue. The Broncos recognized his running ability, athleticism and hands. But he wasn’t clicking in their system. Hillis clearly is a better fit in the West Coast offense being used in Cleveland, where he has become a dominating runner. Even those in the Browns building have been surprised by how good Hillis has been, however. Some are privately questioning if he can sustain his production level.

Here's what Matt Bowen is looking for today.

Andrew Brandt on the suspension of Elvis Dumervil's agent.

George Vecsey on Bill Cosby's love for football.

Chase Stuart checks out which players played for the most coaches in NFL history.

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