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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Earlier in the week, we shared a couple of notes from Peter King on Denver's pre-draft rankings and draft-day thoughts. Here's another one from his article for SI about the Rams' draft:

The Broncos on the clock at 28. "Ran, give me Denver's linebackers," Snead called out, and Carthon went into detail about players and contracts. Snead got on the phone. Whom he called, he wouldn't say, but with five minutes left he huddled with Fisher and Demoff. Quietly, he said, "Denver's deciding between," and he wrote in pencil on a Post-it: LACY WILLIAMS OGLETREE.

Alabama running back Eddie Lacy. North Carolina defensive tackle Sylvester Williams. And Alec Ogletree. "They just signed Wesley Woodyard to play [weakside linebacker]," Snead said. "I can't see them taking Ogletree."

"But," one scout said, "Ogletree was in Denver on the last day for visits." No one else spoke.

Of course, Woodyard wasn't just signed, but is instead entering the back end of a two-year deal and will become an unrestricted free agent next offseason if Denver doesn't extend him prior to that (although we're wildly guessing they will do just that).

And as we all know, if Denver were to have drafted Ogletree, it likely would have been with the Mike spot in mind, rather than Woodyard's Will role.

Still, it's always interesting to see what goes on behind the doors in those super-secretive draft rooms, including learning that we all know more about the Broncos than NFL GMs do.

Finally, as was pointed out in the comments earlier in the week, it looks like the Rams had some bad info regarding Denver's purported interest in Eddie Lacy, given that they ended up passing him over for Montee Ball when their second pick came around.


Videos: Jack Del RioAdam Gase, Quanterus Smith, Tavarres King, Vinston Painter, and Zac Dysert spoke after practice yesterday.

Of course, Del Rio says he hopes to improve upon what his unit accomplished in 2012, and that he's got a list of things they would/could have done differently on the disastrous Jacoby Jones touchdown.

Gase says he's spending less time with PMFM now that he's in charge of the entire offense, and he sees improvement from WR Andre Caldwell.

Painter thinks his excellent combine performance went a long way toward showing he wasn't a one-year wonder as an offensive lineman.

King says fellow Georgia Bulldogs Knowshon Moreno, A.J. Green, and Mohamed Massaquoi have taken him under their wings to an extent.

Dysert claims Denver was where he'd hoped to end up all along.

As Andrew Mason details, being drafted by his favorite NFL team has been a surreal experience for Montee Ball, whose name is pronounced Mon-TAY, and not Mon-TEE.


The Giants signed DT Frank Okam and former Falcons TE Michael Palmer.

Roger Goodell $ay$ he'd like for the Ultimate Teammate™ to be playing in the NFL this $ea$on.

RIP former Steelers corner Jack Butler, who passed away at 85, after having been inducted to the HOF last year.

The Bears are employing an interesting evaluative tactic, where they have their quarterbacks practice while wearing video cameras.


From Chase Stuart, an excellent chart of how much time teams spent leading, tied, or trailing in 2012. The Broncos were third, with the Patriots atop the list. To anyone who would have guessed that Minnesota was #2, a well-earned gold star!

Pat Kirwan ranks the league's top defensive linemen, with Derek Wolfe rated among his favorite rising talents.

Bill Will provides an overview of the AFCW teams' offseasons; Rob Rang discusses the Jets' draft.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei says the Bengals are already quite happy with what they've seen from rookie TE Tyler Eifert.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, and here's a fine reminder that helping Mom out and doing nice things for her shouldn't be something unique to a Hallmark holiday.

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