Another Peter King non sequitur

PK's MMQB Waste of Life

From today's Monday Morning Quarterback Column -

g. Jay Cutler completed his first 12 throws against Dallas. Matt Schaub hit on 12 of his first 14. The thing about preseason football is those could mean everything and those could mean nothing. For instance, Favre was given diverse and daunting formations in the 20 plays he had to know for Saturday night, but no throw he made was a challenging deep ball. "I should be able to complete those,'' he said. And you never know whether the defense is showing very much in the preseason either. So I wouldn't be feeling like you've got to think of changing your preseason opinion of Cutler or Schaub just yet.

This is a classic PK logic nightmare, and non sequitur is Latin for "it doesn't follow."  He starts with impressive statistics for two players he evidently doesn't like.  Then he makes a statement that is logically analagous to "it is and it isn't."  Then he gives an example of Brett Favre checking down on nearly every throw.  Next is the statement that you never know what the defense is doing in preseason (especially if you don't watch the film, Peter.)  Finally comes the assertion that, assuming you think Cutler and and Schaub suck (and evidently EVERYBODY does,) you have PK's estimable permission to continue thinking so, despite their good performances this weekend.

Our old friend Peter has some value, in the sense that he has good sources, and also that he does a fair job of repeating what those sources tell him.  But he needs to quit thinking his opinion is very meaningful when it's clear from what he writes that he didn't watch the film of what he is talking about.  Follow the logic here:

Cutler and Schaub suck -> They played well this weekend -> This is a potential problem because it indicates they don't suck -> Oh, wait it's preseason -> Sometimes defenses don't show complex coverage in preseason -> They still must suck

I didn't see Schaub's performance, but I like him as a player better than Peter does.  It would be inappropriate for me to take up for him, without having seen him play.  I did see Jay, and he did throw the ball down the field.  That dart that he put ON Eddie Royal between double coverage stands out, and also the throw on the opening drive where Royal double-moved Mike Jenkins and beat him down the sideline.  Jay averaged 8.9 yards per attempt, which is superb, and is readily available from the stat sheet that Peter obviously perused.  He looked as good as a QB can look, for the second straight game, and as he consistently has throughout camp.

Here's my fun logic flow.  I hope you like it.

Peter King is a repeater of information, not a source of original insight -> He doesn't have very much technical football knowledge at all -> Not to mention, he's a total Boston homer -> He's also pretty much a tool who doesn't understand that a factoid is something which is believed to be a fact, but is not actually a fact, so how smart could he really be? -> He didn't watch the film anyway, like usual, and like most NFL-wide columnists -> His opinion is meaningless, as usual -> We shouldn't care what he thinks about this topic, and his credibility on all matters is impaired.

Have a great post-victory Monday, Broncos fans.

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