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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Aaron Hernandez is being isolated from other prisoners at the Bristol County House of Corrections, out of a concern that another inmate will try to make a name for himself by attacking the former Patriots and Gators tight end.

Hernandez has reportedly denied having had any past gang affiliations, and no tattoos that dispute that claim have been found on his body.

Ernest Wallace, the third man arrested in the Odin Lloyd murder case, waived extradition on Monday and will be sent back to Massachussetts, where he'll face a charge of accessory after the fact to murder.

Meanwhile, another violent episode from Hernandez's past has come to light - one that included an unheeded recommendation by Gainesville police that the then-17-year-old be charged with felony battery.

According to the police report from the 2007 incident, the underaged Hernandez refused to pay for two alcoholic drinks he'd consumed at an off-campus bar, and subsequently punched the bar employee who had escorted him out.

The victim initially refused medical attention, but when his eardrum was found to have been ruptured, the police made their recommendation that prosecutors charge Hernandez.

It's not known whether the victim was willing to testify, and FWIW, the state's attorney in the case is a Gators booster.

Aaron Hernandez

For his part, former Gators coach Urban Meyer has nothing to say about Hernandez.

Jason Whitlock believes the war on drugs and subsequent glorification of drug dealers had our society on an inevitable path toward Hernandez's alleged crimes.

Ashley Fox thinks the Patriots somehow should have known that Hernandez was a bad enough seed not to draft him.

To that end, even the Bengals, notorious for having collected players with checkered pasts, kept Hernandez off their 2010 draft board.


Former Broncos GM Ted Sundquist would like to think that had the team employed a security firm prior to New Year's Eve 2007, Darrent Williams might still be around.

Steven Johnson says fellow undrafted ex-Jayhawk Chris Harris has served as both an inspiration and a mentor, even tutoring the linebacker on footwork to aid in his coverage skills.

Doug Farrar is puzzled that none of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie's previous NFL coaches ever discussed his shortcomings with him.

Andrew Mason looks ahead to Peyton Manning's homecoming, aka the Week 7 trip to Indy.

There's a DP photo of Peyton Manning being photoshopped over at KSK, but somehow there's not one including the Ultimate Teammate™, at least at the time of this writing.

The annual Manning Passing Academy will take place July 11-14 in Thibodaux, Louisiana.

Whenever they win their eighth game, the Broncos will have had 300 victories in the Pat Bowlen Era, and Mr. B will have the highest winning percentage among the 14 owners to have reached that plateau.

If anyone cares, Joe Theismann predicts the Broncos will make it to the Super Bowl this season.


The Giants are expected to sign WR Victor Cruz to a long-term deal prior to the start of training camp.

St. Louis signed long snapper Jake McQuaide to a four-year extension.

A report on the hacktastic said Chargers RB Ryan Mathews was arrested following a Sunday night bar fight in San Diego, but police say he wasn't involved.


Pat Kirwan includes Willis McGahee among his list of aging running backs whose careers may be over, while Knowshon Moreno, Lance Ball, and Jacob Hester are in his list of veteran backs who are on the roster bubble.

Old friend Mario Haggan earned a mention for best run defenders in PFF's linebacker grades over the span of the past five years (three-year minimum). Since you're wondering, Von Miller's cumulative 131.1 grade would rank second on the list, but he of course has only played two seasons, so we'll see him on the list next year.

Bucky Brooks's 2013 breakout candidates among tight ends are Jordan Cameron, Luke Stocker, Ed Dickson, Coby Fleener, and Dwayne Allen.

Neil Hornsbys next pair of predicted starting lineups covers the Ravens and Bills.

KSK presents their Mount Flushmore for the NFCE teams.


Documented player arrests are up in a big way since the Ginger Hammer instituted his personal conduct policy, but that likely owes to more exacting media coverage of those infractions.

Chase Stuart studies when teams "knocked out" their opponents in a sense, with the Broncos trailing only the Patriots and Seahawks in the earliest average knockout time in 2012.

According to Mike Clay's calculations, McGahee has been an overachiever relative to scoring rusing touchdowns, while Moreno has underachieved. Sounds about right.

Jason Fitzgerald calls Ryan Clark's and LaMarr Woodley's contracts the Steelers' best and worst, respectively.


In discussing the blatantly racist name of the Washington football franchise, Rivers McCown stresses that our language is constantly evolving, and that words which were socially acceptable even a few years ago may not be so today.

Speaking of evolving, Washington wideout Donte' Stallworth says he used to be homophobic, but learned through his own ordeals why that was wrong.

With the Fourth approaching, it's a fine time to think about pies and their history, and how they're perceived relative to cakes. If you'd like to impress your family and friends on Thursday, here's a fine apple pie recipe, plus a foolproof crust recipe for anyone who finds that part intimidating.

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