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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! The Colts (6-3) whipped the hapless Jaguars (1-8) 27-10 last night for their fourth straight win, avenging Jacksonville's only victory of the season.

Andrew Luck ran for two scores, and although I wasn't paying close attention, I heard Mike Mayock and others in the studio mention at least three times that Luck's athleticism is underappreciated. Well, gee - why might that be, Mike?

It's the same reason people wonder if Eric Decker is the next Ed McCaffrey, or why everyone was in such a hurry to say Peyton Hillis was the second coming of John Riggins.

No, this is not racism.

Rather, it's intellectual laziness, where people who spend their lives studying football and breaking physical traits and talents down to the nth degree, are somehow unable to see past the color of a player's skin (meaning, the people who are doing the underappreciating, not necessarily Mayock).

If Luck were black, we'd of course be hearing comparisons to Cam Newton and Vince Young, as the punditry have been wrongfully doing with RG3. Instead, Luck is compared to Peyton Manning and John Elway, although there's at least the commonality of them having been drafted first overall by the Colts, and Luck is already performing at a level comparable to Manning. But it remains to be seen whether Luck also becomes a Bronco someday...

Sorry, what were we talking about? I got distracted.

I'll admit, I wasn't paying full attention to the game, nor did I watch it all the way through - so, if Mayock addressed this question at some point, then a gold star for him. If not, then it would sure be nice for that to happen at some point - so everyone can have that conversation and move on to thinking about when Andrew Luck signs with Denver in eight or ten years.


Tracy Porter again missed practice; only DE Antwan Applewhite did not practice for Carolina, with all others full participants.

Videos: NFL Films previews the game; Mike McCoy, Jack Del Rio, and Champ Bailey speak after practice; Chris Hall checks in on the team's mustaches.

We cannot applaud the Broncos enough for their cautiousness in dealing with Porter's health.

Someone raised the question of having Trindon Holliday see offensive snaps, but how about first working on judging kickoffs and punts in the air better?

Andrew Mason says John Fox returns to Carolina with a new definition of Foxball; Mike Silver also credits Fox's flexibility but says the coach would love to stick it to his old boss Jerry Richardson on Sunday.

Will Brinson says it's rare to see a pair of corresponding moves like Manning moving to Denver and Luck taking his place both work out so quickly and emphatically.

Injuries have prevented Bailey and Steve Smith from facing off for nearly a decade; Jim Leonhard is the team's new union rep.

Jeff Legwold explains what's behind Rahim Moore's improvement and checks up on Denver's rookies, but like most old school football writers, he fails to recognize that losing fumbles is a matter of luck.

Mike Klis revisits the Broncos' introduction to Von Miller, who did predict in the offseason that he'd be a different player in his second season.

Brandon Stokley is middling in terms of yards per route run out of the slot, but he sure does catch a whole lot of his targets.

If any of you Top Chef fans hadn't noticed, one of the competitors is the culinary director for all of John Elway's restaurants.


It's unclear whether Applewhite will play for Carolina, and of course, Ron Rivera says he'd support a player missing a game for the birth of a child.

Smith spoke about the remarkable gesture he made in donating $100K to support victims of the Aurora shooting.

In his preview for PFF, Cole Schultz says Orlando Franklin will have a lot to handle in the form of Charles Johnson, who has been dominant of late.


Megatron is having trouble gripping footballs due to nerve damage he's suffered recently on the field; Lions teammate Ndamukong Suh was again voted the NFL's dirtiest player in a poll conducted by the Sporting News; Dan Wetzel thinks these polls are getting out of hand.

Naturally, Bears corner Charles Tillman had the full support of his teammates regarding his decision to be at the birth of his child over a football game, and Mike Florio has reconsidered his inhumane opinion on the matter.


Andy Benoit breaks down the coming SNF showdown between the Bears and Texans (plus a few others) and lists his midseason NFC Pro Bowl picks; Ben Muth analyzes unblocked sacks of Christian Ponder and Matt Ryan; Pete Prisco studies Luck's play against Miami and revisits Von Miller's three sacks at Cincy; Chase Stuart ranks QBs by how much "it" they possess.

Ben Stockwell evaluates the play of Chargers tackle Jared Gaither against KC's Tamba Hali and finds a player still struggling in pass protection. Next week, Gaither gets to visit Denver and Von Doom.

Doug Farrar revisits Pete Carrol's prescient statement from 2009 that Mark Sanchez would have been best served by staying at USC longer.

Mike Kurtz explains the NFL's instant review procedures.

Drew Magary and Benjamin Hoffman preview the week's games; Nantz and Simms will be the announcer pairing for Broncos/Panthers on Sunday; broadcast maps for Sunday; KSK's Sex/FF mailbag.


Would anyone have guessed that Jay Cutler is not only aware of the Smokin' Jay Cutler meme site, but is cool with it too? Me neither.

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