All-Aaron Hernandez Lard

The story of Aaron Hernandez - who on Thursday was again denied bail and cleared NFL waivers - continues to develop at a breakneck pace.

The league announced that no team may sign him until Roger Goodell meets with him, if that ever happens (doubtful at this point). Puma dropped its endorsement deal with the former Patriot and Gator.

But endorsements and his NFL career are the least of Hernandez's worries, as police are now investigating his possible role in a 2012 Boston drive-by double homicide, a crime which may have led to the execution of Odin Lloyd, a man who may have known too much.

A nightclub altercation involving the victims and a group involving Hernandez had apparently preceded the 2012 shooting, which, according to witnesses, was perpetrated by occupants of a gray or silver SUV with Rhode Island plates. That shooting left the driver and front passenger of another car dead and another injured, while another two occupants fled on foot.

The case had gone cold for police, but new information (presumably from one of Hernandez's co-suspects in the Lloyd killing) prompted yet another search of Hernandez's house last night, plus the impoundment of a gray SUV that Hernandez had rented.

According to the Boston Globe, police believe that Lloyd's knowledge of Hernandez's alleged involvement in this 2012 double-murder may have provided Hernandez the motive to kill Lloyd.

The second suspect in the Lloyd killing, Carlos Ortiz, is being held in Connecticut on a fugitive from justice charge for possessing a firearm in Massachussetts while on probation.

A third man, Ernest Wallace, is wanted as an accessory after the fact in Lloyd's murder, and police have characterized him as armed and dangerous.

At Hernandez's bail hearing Thursday, prosecutors shared more details of their case, adding that Lloyd was shot five times as he lay on the ground helpless.

Jail officials are scouring Hernandez's past and his array of tattoos for hints of gang ties, the thinking being that the former NFLer may become a prime murder target for a rival gang member in jail or prison.


The Patriots are expected to try to recoup much of the money they already gave Hernandez as part of a $40M extension last year, and to withhold payment of other monies they had guaranteed him.

Incredibly, Massholes in various locations have gathered to profess their love for the accused murderer, exclaim their belief in his innocence, and to cheer him on.


Gwen Knapp says so much for the Ginger Hammer's legacy of restoring the "respect to the NFL shield" by lowering player crime.

Not that he's predicting it yet, but Mike Silver wonders if this is finally the beginning of the end for the Patriots.

PFF's Mike Clay expects the Pats to use a lot of 11 personnel in 2013, but doesn't think they'll go more run-heavy, or rely heavily upon Jake Ballard, as has been widely suggested.

Mike Klis points out that Hernandez had some really good games against the Broncos.

Tommy Tomlinson can't help but be reminded of the horrid story of Rae Carruth.

Ex Post Facto Hernandez Analysis

Jason Whitlock says the Pats should have known better than to give Hernandez an extension last year.

Peter King found time during his vacation to suggest that he knew all along that Hernandez would become a murderer, because Hernandez was considered an idiot prior to the 2010 Draft. PK even goes on to defend his own 2010 analysis, in which he trumpeted the fourth-round selection of Hernandez by the Patriots as a steal. GFY, Pete.

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