Alex Gibbs returns to the Broncos, which of course means Montee Ball is going to be God

According to Mike Klis, the Broncos have brought back Alex Gibbs as an offensive line consultant:

It never did seem like the Broncos allowed the media to influence their decisions.

That's abundantly clear now that the team has brought back Alex Gibbs as an offensive line consultant.

"He'll be a good resource," said Broncos coach John Fox. "I know from competing against (Gibbs) over the years that he can help us out."

How big of a deal is this for the Broncos?  I see Montee Ball vying for Offensive Rookie of the Year.

And if you're a fantasy football geek (you loser, find yourself a woman), you're cackling at the prospect of drafting Ball in a later round while everyone is lamenting the fact they couldn't get Adrian Peterson or Arian Foster.

Gibbs is perfect for coaching what Peyton Manning wants on the stretch zone (and what Ball does well): one cut and gone.

For those of you too young to remember, check out this handy reminder of the Alex Gibbs style and mentality (warning: Gibbs doesn't use language approved by your mother on Mother's Day):

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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