Adam Gase meeting in Denver with 49ers, then perhaps Broncos

Adam Gase is interviewing with the 49ers for a second time today in Denver. Whenever that ends, Gase is expected to then meet with John Elway about a promotion to head coach with the Broncos.

Of course, it's possible the Niners close a deal with Gase during their meeting, but its location would suggest Elway will at least get a chance with the young coordinator.

It's been suggested by many that retaining Gase would be crucial to getting Peyton Manning back for another year, provided that's what Elway and Manning want.

Peter King could see Elway making a big push for Seattle DC Dan Quinn. However, Denver will be at a major disadvantage in the multi-team race for Quinn's services should the Seahawks advance to the Super Bowl.

The Jets have already interviewed Quinn, while the Broncos, of course, have not. During the SB bye week, candidates on SB teams can only take second interviews. Denver would have to wait until after the big game to meet with Quinn. Then again, the Jets wouldn't be able to hire him until after the Super Bowl, so perhaps the Broncos could interview him in Glendale the night of the game, or fly him to Denver the next day.

But that's three weeks from now, and while it's been suggested that Elway would take his time to find a replacement for Fox, holding the process up for three weeks just to interview Quinn seems a bit un-Elway-like.

However, Seattle could always lose to Green Bay on Sunday, and then Quinn would be free to meet with the Broncos, if he so chooses.

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