Ad and subtract

Time to change a few things around here. But before that, let me jump into my Scrooge McDuck vault and swim around for a bit, because we've added a new ad.

Everyone loves ads, right? No? Ok then. Listen, we have to figure out some way to pay for Doug's upcoming litter, and a second advertising spot seemed like the way of the internets.

The ad spot is mobile-friendly. It will contract with the size of your screen.

Speed is always a consideration, as well as privacy. Opening another ad spot doesn't help those causes, but removing three social containers does. The Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus containers that were present on every page have been removed, outside of the follow page. They've been replaced with buttons that are simply links. After testing the site is loading faster than before, including the new ad.

We've started testing CDNs. For the non-techs: it's a content delivery network. Servers all over the country (and the world) will store local bits of the site and deliver them faster to you.

Our RSS feeds have changed locations. If you follow us via RSS, our two feeds listed on the follow page, your reader should have updated automatically. If not, please do update the address.

Some other minor tweaks and improvements have been made. See you next inane post or feature update (yes, I'm working on actual features, too).

David is a Bears fan. Besides being the only non-Broncos fan on the IAOFM staff, he is emailed every time Jay Cutler does something stupid. He is emailed a lot. You can follow him on twitter @singer or visit his insanity over at

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