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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Interesting stuff out of Josh McDaniels' Wednesday presser - the Broncos' coaching staff utilized the extra day of practice last week to help them install a script of 18 early plays, which they stuck to against Kansas City. Obviously, it worked quite well, as Denver scored 21 first-quarter points after having scored just 7 all season in the opening stanza. As McDaniels pointed out, a script like this generally only covers 1st- and 2nd-down plays. The offense is trying to show as many looks to the defense as possible, in order to see how the opponent will match up with them that day, and how they will react to each personnel grouping. It's a feeling-out process that will help determine the rest of the game's offensive plan - as Pat Kirwan notes in his book Take Your Eye Off the Ball, scripting is a hallmark of the Bill Walsh coaching tree - of course, in Denver we're familiar with the concept from the Mike Shanahan years. Kirwan says that teams will tend to select five or so of the most successful plays out of the script and then feature each of them four or five times throughout the balance of the game. In his presser, McDaniels mentioned it was something he's done before, and he hinted that the extra day of preparation for next week's MNF game will allow Denver to put together a script for San Diego. Obviously, the question is why Josh doesn't do this every week - well, let's see how Monday goes first. If successful, surely there will be clamoring for McDaniels & Co. to do so every week, and questions as to why they didn't try it earlier...


Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton met with the press yesterday.

Highlights of Orton's AFC Offensive Player of the Week-winning performance.

Gray Caldwell on the Broncos' scripted start to Sunday's game.

McDaniels also spoke about the need to continue to get Knowshon Moreno more involved in the offense. Of course, health on the player's part and getting the ideal O-Line combination could help...

LJ on the return of Robert Ayers to practice, plus the addition of David Veikune. Andre' Goodman was the only player held out of practice.

Andrew Mason on Jarvis Moss, whose first-round selection in 2007 exemplies Shanahan's worst draft decisions.

Klis says it was really a matter of Moss not fitting into the Broncos' current defensive system. Robert Ayers and McDaniels said the same...

Arnie Stapleton on Moss and Veikune, plus a timely aid in pronunciation - it's "VAY-coo-nay." Thanks, Arnie!

Legwold also looks back at the 2007 selection of Moss and the success of other pass rushers selected then.

LJ on the scripting.

Arnie looks ahead to the matchup of Orton and Philip Rivers.

Monday will mark the return of Jamal Williams to San Diego as a Bronco. No bulletin board material, yet.

Legwold responds to a question regarding Jim Goodman's departure from the Broncos.

Woodrow's mailbag covers Todd Haley, the Mile High Salute and his dislike for Ray Crockett.

Antonio Gates handicaps his chances of playing Monday as 50-50. More on Gates from the AP.

However, Rivers finally has a healthy complement of wide receivers.

How is Jamal's replacement Antonio Garay doing with the Dolts? Pretty well, apparently.

Notes on the Dolts from Acee.

The Dolts' attorney spoke about the team's stadium plans and possible relocation.


The Chefs are apparently going back to basics.

Notes on the Chefs, who will be without LB Mark Simoneau for the rest of the year.

Can Jokeland reprise last season's shocking victory in Pittsburgh?

Plus, some notes on Jokeland from the CCT.


The Panthers' season just keeps getting worse, as they placed RB DeAngelo Williams on IR.

Andrew Brandt breaks down the McNabb contract extension.

Ross Tucker is tired of people questioning the toughness of NFL players.

Denver snuck up to #22 in Brian Burke's weekly efficiency ratings. Unfortunately, the Dolts are still tops.

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What is the deal with Browns fans?

Matt Bowen previews Bears/Dolphins and reminds JC to protect it in the red zone.

Mike Tanier is going with the Dolphins tonight.

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