About those Chiefs and their “classy” organization…

How many times over the years have you heard about how classy the Chiefs organization is?

Tradition, blah blah, great fans, blah blah, first-class owners, blah blah...

You know what all that has gotten them?

Zero playoff wins in 18 years. No SB appearances since their victory following the 1969 season.

A 25-34 record against the Broncos since the arrival of John Elway in 1983.

Meanwhile, the team apparently uses taxpayer money intended to help maintain Arrowhead Stadium, to instead help cover their payroll taxes.

This stinginess and fan abuse extends to the field, naturally:

  • During the 2010 uncapped season, KC sported the second-lowest player payroll in the league ($84.5M, less than half of what Snyder ($178.2M) spent that year).
  • Last season, they had the second-most cap room as of mid-November ($27.4M).
  • This year, the Chiefs have the third-most cap space, at $14.5M.

Anyway, all of this has obviously worn on some within the Chiefs fan base. In particular, one guy took to Twitter to share his complaint, a common one for fans of teams not owned by Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder, the Maras, and the Rooneys, among others:

Nothing particularly noteworthy there, just another disgruntled fan. Were it a Raiders fan, he (or she) would have offered Hunt physical violence in some form.

HOWEVER, the response from the dummy manning the Chiefs' Twitter account? Most definitely deserving of attention:

Turns out the fan in question, Travis Wright, works in social media and has more followers than the team does.


Wright shared his story on Reddit, which brought plenty of negative attention to the Chiefs, who had their tweet person issue the following:

Notice, it's not an apology to Travis - it's instead directed at the fans who actually could read it. Travis, because the Chiefs had blocked him on Twitter, was not among them.

Okay, so there is some factual merit to the team's first tweet. The Chiefs are certainly not $30M under the cap every year, so Travis was venting with hyperbole as his main weapon, accuracy be damned.

But as we suggested earlier, that's not really much different than the typical NFL fan plaint. And it certainly does not merit the response from the team's PR department, which has to remain above the fray. 

You, know, like the Broncos do.

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