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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! It seems appropriate to separate the Hernandez news from the non-Hernandez news today, so here we are.

During Washington owner Dan Snyder's campaign to defend the blatantly racist name of his franchise, a signature moment was the trotting out of a self-proclaimed "full-blooded American Inuit chief originally from the Aleutian Tribes of Alaska" who enthusiastically supports the blatantly racist name.

Upon further review by Deadspin's Dave McKenna, including interviews with Dodson's sister and Inuit and Aleut leaders, nothing Stephen Dodson said makes any sense, or reads as legitimate.

Dodson's comments apparently spurred Snyder to his now-infamous "NEVER" statement about removing the blatantly racist name, and the always fact-reliant Roger Goodell cited Dodson in his awful letter to Congress.

Of course, the team has found other Native Americans to vocally support the blatantly racist name; as Dan Graziano stresses, there will always be someone to take that side, but that doesn't make it right.


During a meeting with season ticket holders, Joe Ellis acknowledges that the league's new bag ban "is not the most family friendly" of policies, and he pigeonholes the great Simon Fletcher as a "sack specialist."

From the official site, a Q&A with QB coach Greg Knapp, plus an analysis of his charges from Andrew Mason, focusing mostly on the study habits of young Brock Osweiler.

Mason, Chris Hall, and Gray Caldwell discuss on BTV the positions they expect to field the stiffest camp competition.

Here's the NFLN segment on Von Miller, named the league's ninth-best player in its lame Top 100 Players list.

Peyton Manning received ESPY nominations for Best NFL Player and Best Comeback, while the playoff loss was nominated for Best Game.

Several players listed on SBN's Gophers site as the greatest Minnesota players since 1967 have Broncos ties, including Eric Decker, Ben Hamilton, Greg Eslinger, Laurence Maroney, Adam Weber, and by virtue of his having run out of bounds and later fumbled in an extended brain fart, Marion Barber.


Any players currently cleared to take otherwise banned substances must apply to renew their exemptions by Sunday.

Former Browns LB Ausar Walcott pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and other charges relating to an alleged assault outside a NJ strip club.

Drunk driver and teammate killer Josh Brent failed a second drug test and has been sent back to jail, but the Cowboys have yet to release him. The Ginger Hammer is surely thrilled.

Pete Prisco's latest in-depth interview is with 2012 MVP Adrian Peterson, who says a Lions player asked him if he was juicing following a game last season.


Champ Bailey ranks as the league's fourth-best cornerback over the course of the past five years according to PFF's grades. This should concurrently confirm beliefs that Champ is vastly underrated, to others that PFF doesn't know what they're talking about, and to still others that he's an overrated, over-the-hill has been.

Bucky Brooks continues his analysis of players he thinks could make big improvements in 2013 with running backs Lamar Miller, David Wilson, Jacquizz Rodgers, and Denver's Ronnie Hillman.


Against both two-TE and three-wide packages, the Broncos used their base personnel less often than did the average team in 2012.

Chase Stuart takes another crack at wide receiver analysis, this time ranking them by their yards gained in their best seasons, relative to their teams' pass attempts.

Jason Fitzgerald calls Marshal Yanda's and Joe Flacco's contracts Baltimore's best and worst, respectively.


The always excellent Rob Neyer explains why it's not okay to emblazon religious symbols on a sports field, while it makes perfect sense to fly a gay pride flag at one. Surely, this will upset those who espouse the terms "PC" and "Political Correctness."

Peerless college hoops analyst Bill Raftery is leaving the Worldwide Leader for Fox Sports 1, where he will call Big East games with Gus Johnson. Count this Big East fan as thrilled by this development.

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