A word from David Bruton

I opened today's mail and found that one of the Denver Broncos has been reading our work again. It was a pleasure to receive an email from David Bruton, thanking me for the recent Tales on his career and requesting that I add a bit of information. I am glad to receive word from him, and I wanted to share his request with you.


This is David Bruton and I would like to say that I really like the article by Broncobear, except for the fact that my sons birthday is on November 9th, and we have a monday night football game on that day versus the Pittsburgh Steelers.  If there is a way to correct that, it would be greatly appreciated on my end. 

Thank You,  

David Bruton Jr. 

I replied: 

Dear David: 

Thank you. It was a pleasure researching your career. I enjoyed watching you play at Notre Dame and like many of us, I consider you to be an unusually fine addition to the Denver Broncos team. There is a great deal of excitement regarding this coming year - are you enjoying the process of learning and playing the NFL game? I, like all of us, truly hope so. 

Thank you for requesting the correction - We will be making a note on the site of Jaden's birthday. I wish him, and you, all the good fortune that life can offer. 

All the best, 


It comes as no surprise to me that this young man's only request is to add the date of his son's birthday.The way that David has approached his responsibilities as a father have been one of the first things you learn about him when his life is researched. I wanted to let all of you know that Jaden will turn 4 that night. I'll make some small mention of this fact when the game approaches. 

David isn't the first Bronco we've heard from, and the fact that he enjoyed this Tales gives me a lot of pleasure. He is one of those young players that we seem to have begun to stockpile whose abilities on the field include leadership as well as skill. I honestly feel privileged to have him on the Broncos. 

All the best to him and to you over this weekend as the Broncos take on Seattle. Go Denver!

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