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Good Morning, Broncos fans! There doesn't appear to be anything new to the Elvis Dumervil situation, although John Fox supplemented John Elway's milquetoast quote regarding the chances of bringing Elvis back, with one of his own.

Mike Klis interprets the Broncos having spent a lot of cash in the past week to mean they can afford to give Dumervil a new deal, while strangely not realizing the Patriots did the very same thing in their new deal with Tom Brady and their free agent additions. Not sure why the Pats' actions would suggest they can't afford to sign Dumervil, but that's where Klis is going with it.

Like the Broncos, the Pats have both spent plenty of cash ($30M signing bonus to Brady), but gotten a lot of value for their dollars, by crafting several one-year deals. If the Pats don't sign Elvis, it won't be for a lack of space or cash; it'll be a matter of simply not valuing Elvis as much as Denver, or Dumervil, thinks he's worth.

Jeff Legwold claims it's still all about the draft for Denver, even after their extremely active week in free agency. We can all hang upon John Elway's every word and accept it as gospel, or we can instead interpret his actions, which suggest that it's not about favoring one over the other.

If anything, we've learned that John's philosophy of team building is a blend of free agency and the draft, as it should be. For starters, Elway brought Denver its two best players (Peyton Manning, Von Miller) via starkly different avenues, and then there's last week.

The 2012 offense was mostly homegrown (by Josh McDaniels), with Manning, Willis McGahee, Brandon Stokley, and the tight ends as exceptions. On defense, several starters were signed to their latest contracts by Elway (Bannan, Vickerson, Brooking, Woodyard, Bailey, Adams).

Nevermind NFL free-agency...interesting theory (actually, not that interesting), but it's not one the Broncos have employed; not this year, not last year, nor the year prior to that, under John Elway's watch.


In his MMQB, Peter King loves the Welker signing, thinks it spells the end of Stokley's career, and lays the blame solely at the feet of Dumervil for Friday's fiasco.

One bit of Broncos-related trivia from the Wes Welker article we mentioned yesterday - so, Wes only got a scholarship at Texas Tech because one recruit changed his mind. As noted by Dave Krieger, that kid was none other than Lenny Walls, who chose instead to go to BC, before starting 20 games at corner for the Broncos from 2003-05.

Circling back to Klis's article, John Abraham's numbers are similar to Dumervil's beyond the most basic ones. As per PFF, Abraham had 10 sacks, 8 QB hits, 38 hurries, and 27 stops,, while Elvis had 12 sacks, 11 QB hits, 39 hurries, and 30 stops (including playoffs).

Andrew Mason considers the Broncos' draft options along the defensive line.


Following a rather lengthy courtship, former Dolphins T Jake Long has decided to head to St. Louis, where he'll get a max of $36M over four years - a notch below the top of the tackle market.

Steve Tisch, the less-heard-from Giants co-owner, thinks a team will sign WR Victor Cruz to an offer sheet, and he's not sure he and John Mara will be able to match it.

Meanwhile, the less successful Meadowlands owner hilariously claims his team isn't trying to trade CB Darrelle Revis; the LOLJets are apparently interested in Darrius Heyward-Bey, though.

Cincy is expected to retain LB Rey Maualuga and CB Pacman Jones, and they met with their own former backup QB Ryan Fitzpatrick about a return to that role.

Oakland added LB Kevin Burnett; New Orleans retained WR Courtney Roby; New England added Falcons tackle Will Svitek; Arizona is nearing a deal with Browns WR/KR Josh Cribbs; the Packers and Steelers may be interested in Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw.

Since there's a lot of throwing in the CFL, and the field is bigger, the Arena League would seem to make a lot more sense for the Ultimate Teammate™ to live out his impossible dream of being a professional quarterback. And hey, what do you know - there's an AFL team waiting with open arm$!


Chase Stuart agrees with our suggestion that Von Miller will either get a new deal or hold out a year from now, and adds J.J. Watt, Aldon Smith, and Cam Newton as similar cases.

In updating his free agency analysis, Mike Tanier sees a lot of familiar moves from the Patriots, and he thinks the Seahawks have done well to copy the New England model.

Sam Farmer offers up a Phillip Anschutz FAQ and believes an existing team moving to LA is more likely than Anschutz getting an expansion team.

According to PFF, Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Wes Welker all did pretty well in piling up first downs and touchdowns last year, while converting their targets and routes into them at a high rate. Brandon Stokley, who is a free agent, also fares well according to these metrics, which is no surprise.

Foxball ranks surprising low on the ANS list of teams who forfeited the most WPA last season.

Denver's SB odds have improved from 7/1 to 6/1 after their busy week.

Mark Cuban is about as big a fan of Bleacher Report as we are.

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