A New View

Welcome, to a redone It's All Over, Fat Man! We've tweaked the design, added more hamsters to the wheels that power this thing, have some new features and — gasp — put up advertising.

The first thing you'll notice is a design tweak, or a complete redesign, depending on where you're reading this. For those viewing on desktop/laptop browsers we focused on readability. If you're on a mobile device you'll notice a much bigger change. This site will now conform to any modern mobile device (think iOS, Android, Windows Mobile 7+). Again, readability was the focus and you should be able to comfortably view this site from iPhone to Nexus 7 to PC.

This is not the redesign I've mentioned in the past, but a step we felt is necessary to take before anything else.

If you're on a desktop and are curious as to what your fellow readers on mobile devices are seeing, just make your browser window smaller (this won't work in IE8 or below). Now a little smaller. There you go.

Speed. We're hoping things were never slow, but the site should be even speedier now.

Our feature rollout will be over time, but you'll see our first integrated polls here (no membership required) soon. I'll let Doug have fun with them first, and announce the rest as they're released.

Oh no, ads! Just one, for now. We will be monetizing the site, as we've always said we would. As we grow the goal will be to not let advertising interfere with the experience.

If you notice any bugs or errors, please give me a heads up.

David is a Bears fan. Besides being the only non-Broncos fan on the IAOFM staff, he is emailed every time Jay Cutler does something stupid. He is emailed a lot. You can follow him on twitter @singer or visit his insanity over at hockeyfights.com.

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