A healthy dose of Raider schadenfreude to brighten your month Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As we all struggle with the hangover of a season that ended far too early for our Broncos, there's always some classic Raiders schadenfreude to brighten our moods.

Raider woes are like Prozac for Broncos-induced depression, and today we've been blessed with a monthlong supply of the stuff.

As mentioned yesterday, Tim Brown has apparently ventured off into the deep end, suggesting that then-coach Bill Callahan sabotaged the Raiders' chances in SB 37 by making a late change to the team's offensive game plan against Chucky and the Bucs. Brown even went on to blame Callahan's change of heart for the notorious bender that undid center Barret Robbins's career and life.

Brown says the original tack was a run-heavy approach, but that it was scrapped just two days prior to the game for a more pass-oriented strategy.

Incredibly, Brown has Jerry Rice on his side, while Rich Gannon, Bill Romanowski, Lincoln Kennedy, and Zach Crockett have all refuted the pair's claims.

As Crockett tells it, Brown and Rice have the story backwards, and that it was Robbins's having gone AWOL that prompted the alteration, as Oakland's backup center did not possess the same level of blocking abilities.

That the team only managed 18 first-half yards on 10 carries, and trailed 20-3 at the half, also speaks to the reality the two WR legends have apparently forgotten.

For his part, Callahan (who may be taking over playcalling duties from Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett next season) issued a brief statement vehemently denying Brown and Rice's allegations, and demanding a retraction from the duo.

We promised you more, though, and this bottle of Raiders goodness isn't just a reach back to 2002.

Today's team, after a 4-12 season of despair, is once again unclear about who is its long-term solution at quarterback.

Just a year and a half after Huebris Jackson (who's now an assistant with Cincy) vastly overpaid for the overrated Carson Palmer by sending the Bengals a 2011 first-rounder and 2013 second-rounder in return for him, GM Reggie McKenzie says Terrelle Pryor will be given a chance to unseat the former number-one overall pick.

Completing that Raiders/Bengals/Cowboys circle jerk is that Jackson is apparently a candidate to join Callahan and Garrett in Dallas to call plays, if the job isn't given to Callahan.

Anyway, let's bridge the 2002 and 2013 seasons with this nugget of joy:

2007 first-overall pick JaMarcus The Hutt Russell is planning an NFL comeback, but don't you have to be relevant in the first place for it to ever be called a comeback?

The round mound of shitty quarterbacking is all the way down to 308 pounds (from 320) thanks to his version of a rededication to getting into shape.

Haha, good times.


Videos: Peyton Manning's top ten TD passes of 2012, plus NFLN's highlights from his season.

Peyton Manning gave what is apparently an annual speech on the eve of the Pro Bowl's first practices.

Von Miller is the latest Bronco to skip the Pro Bowl (due to a sore shoulder), joining Ryan Clady and Chris Kuper.

Zane Beadles says the pain of losing to Baltimore remains, and that the goal is to finish teams off better. You know, fewer field goals...

Jeff Legwold says Denver is hopeful they'll get contributions from Philip Blake and Malik Jackson in 2013, and he tells a reader there was no chance the Broncos were going to draft Colin Kaepernick with the 2011 pick they traded to San Francisco.

To anyone who thinks Champ Bailey is over the hill, know that he allowed fewer touchdowns during the entire regular season than he did two Saturdays ago.


The league is considering using technology that would allow them to make the first-down lines we see on TV visible on the field.

New England signed USC and CFL alum DT Armond Armstead; Ed Reed says Tom Brady apologized for his cheap slide, which is being reviewed by the league.

Mike McCoy named three more assistants to his offensive staff in San Diego, including a replacement for HOFer Charlie Joiner, who is retiring from coaching wide receivers.

Alarmingly, the death of Jerry Brown at the hands of Josh Brent's drunk driving didn't carry a meaningful lesson for Cowboys teammate Jay Ratliff, who was arrested for DWI on the very same highway.

Sexy Rexy sped through a stoplight in PA last week, causing a three-car accident; the Ultimate Teammate™ is endorsing a pair of headphones called Jet. LOL.

According to the NFL, the long-term future of the Pro Bowl supposedly depends upon how hard the players try this Sunday. Yeah, $urely that's what will determine it...


Turns out Jim Harbaugh got his head start on coaching by recruiting players to go play for his own father's struggling Western Kentucky program.

Jeffri Chadiha ponders the relative ineffectiveness of the Rooney Rule in recent years.

Doug Farrar (QBs, North, South), Mike Tanier, Matt Bowen, the Footballguys, Matt Waldman, Tony Pauline (North, South), and Andrew Mason (North, South) report on Tuesday's Senior Bowl practices.

Neil Paine shows us why we shouldn't use playoff results to determine the supposed clutchness of quarterbacks, or small sample size!

The Te'o story is the latest example of how ESPN has deprioritized their own journalistic standards, which used to be pretty high. This time, they allowed themselves to get scooped by Deadspin because they were too focused on trying to line up a televi$ion interview with Te'o.

Here are some Creole-inspired recipes for this latest New Orleans Super Bowl, plus a suggestion for a wine pairing.

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