Must win again Lard 11-21-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans.  Today you're getting your Lard TJ Style.  Doug Lee, your steely and steadfast deliverer of daily Broncos news had to take one day off to test himself in some competitive arm wrestling.  So I stepped in for the day.  I'd like to think that on those days when I compete for the National Curling Championships of the United States, Doug will step in for me.

Besides, at Fat Man, we like to think of ourselves as the Patriots of the lazy and bloated blogosphere.  We fill in as needed, unless there's a rerun of Point Break on TV.  Then all bets are off.

Don't worry, though. Doug will be back tomorrow as strong as ever.  

Is tomorrow night another must win for the Broncos?  I'm afraid so.   The Chiefs are likely to win at home today.  The Raiders have a winnable game against the now-injured Steelers as well.  The Broncos can't afford to go down three games in the division with six remaining.


Kiszla thinks Kyle Orton needs a signature win on Monday night before Broncos fans will truly embrace the quarterback.  I happen to agree.  Dropping 350 yards passing and 3 TDs against Norv's powder-puff blue army in a win should do the trick.

Kiz takes on a stupid Chiefs fan (is there any other kind?) in his Kickin' It column.    

Lindsay Jones gives us some thoughts on how McDaniels ends up being a magnet for controversy. She also cleverly works in a Jersey Shore reference and presents some coaching archetypes.  Someone's been reading Joseph Campbell again.

Jones also delivers this awesome Q&A with Ryan Harris about his grandmother's inspiration for a home health-care business. 

In her third piece of the morning, Jones quotes Phil Rivers about how sitting the bench was a good thing.   She also makes the comparisons to Tebow.  Plus, Robert Ayers says he's prepared to play the entire game on Monday night, if needed.  Is it just me, or did this dude come back faster than Nikki Sixx from a heroin overdose?  

Klis looks at parity in this yawner.   It'll be 5 minutes of your life you'll never get back, although he does get through the article without mentioning the Bears and Jay Cutler on the same page.  

Jeff Legwold on the impact of Ryan Clady's good health.  A healthy left tackle bodes well.  Go figure.

Legwold with a "fair and balanced" look at JD Walton this season.   Legwold should do more of this kind of thing.  

What the Broncos and Chargers are doing to encourage designated driving (insert joke about DJ Williams here)?

Bernie Wilson from the AP expects an air show from Kyle Orton on Monday night.

Powder-Blue Puff Girls

Malcom Floyd seems to have recovered enough from yesterday.

For you Broncos fans in San Diego that are going to the game, here's some traffic advice, for what it's worth.  

If you missed this doozy, AJ Smith acts like he's ready to stand back-to-back in a bar fight with Norv Turner.   Fine by me.  Anyone got an extra heavy chair?

Fade to Black

Tom Cable thinks fondly of the physical nature of the old Raiders-Steelers games.  Given that he likes to break the faces of assistant coaches, I could see how he would be a big fan of all the cheap shots the Raiders used to take at Lynn Swann in the 70s.  

I guess when you pull on Ryan Clady's hair, it's just taking care of business, according to Tommy Kelly.

I Saw Red

If you want to get a better sense about Todd Haley as a person, this is a good read.  

The Chiefs worked out some safeties yesterday.  One of them can jump really high.  

Extra Grease

Brian Burke's Weekly Notes.  

Doug Farrar places Laurence Maroney on his No-Pro midseason team.  If you have reason to disagree, you're a stronger fan than I.

Not that you couldn't have guessed, but Peyton Hillis not only likes to hunt defensive backs, he's a big fan of hunting bear.   What's next, we're going to find out that he and Ted Nugent are buddies?

You know how much I like to pile on to the worst GM in the history of the NFL, Matt Millen.  Apparently I'm not the only one.   

Like any parent probably would, Brian Cushing's father feels it necessary to publicly defend his son against old doping charges.  Hey, if your kid tells you they didn't do something, you always believe them, right? 

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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