Dumervil: The truth will come out

According to the 911 call from the incident that led to the arrest of Broncos DE Elvis Dumervil on Saturday evening in Miami, the dispute involved an occupant of a white Impala and someone in a silver Mercedes. The caller, presumably the Victoria's Secret employee referred to in earlier reports, describes the Impala occupant as pointing a gun at someone, but she says she doesn't know at whom the gun is aimed.

Police would later order Dumervil out from behind the wheel of a silver Land Rover, where they would find a handgun in the glovebox. They then arrested Dumervil for allegedly having displayed a gun in his waistband to the driver of the Impala.

But Mike Klis reports that Elvis was wearing gym pants at the time of the incident, and the explanation now being advanced by Dumervil's people is that the elastic waistband of his pants would not have been sufficient to support the weight of the semiautomatic handgun found in the Land Rover Elvis was driving.

Also, Klis says the case as regards Dumervil will likely come down to whether his fingerprints are on the weapon in question, and Elvis declared, "The truth will come out," in a text message sent to the DP reporter.

Yesterday evening, Vic Lombardi tweeted that a third man had been arrested in the incident, but there is no mention of this in the police report or in any of the stories detailing Dumervil's arrest.

Word out of Dumervil's camp yesterday was that neither the Land Rover nor the gun within it belong to Elvis.

We'll maintain that we know only part of the story, if a bit more now than yesterday. Let's all hope there's a logical explanation that exonerates Elvis of any wrongdoing. But that's far from saying there is one, or that we expect one.

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