3-9 battle Lard 12-12-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! You know those awful matchups of teams like Jokeland and the Chefs of recent years, or Lions and the Niners? That's our team today, folks. Broncos versus Cardinals, a tilt between 3-9 teams for draft position in April. Denver was last 3-9 in 1990, on their way to a 6-10 record and the 4th pick overall in the 1991 Draft. Unfortunately, that draft produced very little for Denver - while #4 pick LB Mike Croel won the award for best rookie defender, it went all downhill from there for him. Only third-rounder Keith Traylor ended up with a solid career, and only Traylor was in Denver long enough to win a ring - he was a starter for both SB-winning teams, although he did take a three-year hiatus in Green Bay and Kansas City in between Denver stops.

Point is, while the Broncos will end up with a higher draft choice with a loss today, that doesn't mean the organization will know what to do with it. I know, it's been a rough week and the last thing you need is another wet towel, but that's what I do sometimes...


Terry Frei shares an in-depth look at how Eric Studeville has gotten to where he is. Plus, here's Frei's followup on Studesville's profile.

Mason previews the game and foresees a Broncos win.

Here's the DP's scantastic game preview.

Mason on the signing of K Steven Hauschka.

Notes on the Broncos from Klis - Matt Prater did not make the trip, while Perrish Cox did, and there is a chance Cox will play today.

Woody is pissed that Studesville isn't starting Tim Tebow today. He doesn't mention having told the new coach so himself, but perhaps that'll come tomorrow.

While Klis vouches for Josh McDaniels as a person, he writes that the coach was too emotional on the sidelines.

The elevation of Studesville and CU's hiring of John Embree broke some racial barriers in Colorado football.

LJ poses some questions of Zane Beadles, who majored in !!!mechanical engineering!!! at Utah.

Kiszla says the next coach has to be a Tebow guy, whether or not he's actually the best coaching candidate.

Kent Somers on Cards QB John Skelton's first NFL start.

Will the Cards be thinking QB towards the top of next year's draft?


KC gave RB Jamaal Charles $13 million in guarantees as part of a five-year extension.

Brian Burke says Charles is definitely worth the dough.

Mellinger says the Chefs are set up to do just fine with a backup QB.

Babb on Tamba Hali's upbringing in Liberia.

Teicher breaks down the matchup of the Chefs and Dolts.

Acee says today is a must win for San Diego. Plus, Jenkins' preview.

Tafur analyzes Jokeland/Jaguars and looks at the progress of S Michael Huff.


Heavy snow in Minneapolis has caused the league to reschedule Vikings/Giants until 8PM ET tomorrow.

Brandon Spikes reportedly tested positive for PEDs due to his ADHD meds.

If you were wondering, Bill Cowher says he is open to making a return to coaching.

Dan Pompei says Studesville is a breath of fresh air and not to count Troy Calhoun out in Denver.

Here's what Matt Bowen is looking for today.

Alan Schwarz on NBC announcer Cris Collinsworth and his bluntness.

Chris Chase and Richard Sandomir offer up glowing reviews of HBO's documentary on Vince Lombardi.

Carson Cistulli shares his weekly notes.

Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force is taking the Broncos today as his Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week. (Thanks, underdog!)

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