2010 kickoff Lard 9-12-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you’ll stay awhile. Well, here it is, what we’ve all been waiting so anxiously for - to see if Tim Tebow comes up with precisely the stats that PK predicted for him! Okay, maybe that’s not why you’ll be tuning in - but whatever you’re excited about, we’re only a few hours away from kickoff. For my money, it’s time to really start seeing how the McXanderization of the Broncos’ roster fares - whether Jamal Williams can help plug up that gaping hole in our D-Line (with no youngster being groomed behind him), if Robert Ayers can make an impact and be a quality 3-down player, and if an O-Line with three new starters (at least today) can jell quickly enough to keep Kyle Orton alive. Then there’s Knowshon, Eddie, DT, Hunter…unfortunately the list goes on. Yes, there are uncertainties galore.

But then again, this is the agita excitement that comes with what is still a relatively new regime. Now, the roster is likely much closer to whatever Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders have in mind (although not necessarily close) for the Broncos - while I’d say it’s not yet time to judge them on their results (wins and losses), there certainly needs to be some significant progress over last year, especially at the line of scrimmage. Not that it really matters or means anything (except that hopefully a lot of people will read this and perhaps laugh when I’m dreadfully wrong), but I’m going with 9-7 (with a sloppy win today) and hoping for better. Okay, enough rambling. Let’s see what’s going on in Broncos Land!


- Broncos TV’s video preview of today’s game

- Here’s the DP’s preview. Wow, you know things are getting tight when newspapers basically just scan in a page from their print edition for their website…

- FWIW, Daniel Graham and Mike McCoy have seen a lot of progress out of Kyle Orton since he first arrived.

- Here’s what Klis thinks are the seven best openers in Denver’s history. What do you think?

- Lindsay Jones asks Renaldo Hill about…what else, his fashion sense!

- If you haven’t heard, they still love TT in Florida. Thanks for the Tebow suckfest, Woody. But really, all we care about is whether he can win us another one of these...

- Here’s a Q&A Tebow did for the Jacksonville paper, or at least the article is formatted that way…

- Dan Pompei heard that the legendary Alex Gibbs basically quit the SeaChickens because he couldn’t get along with Jeremy Bates. Well isn’t that interesting? A nice bit of drama between a couple of coaches at opposite ends of Broncos fans’ sentiments.

The Enemies

- Notes on the Dolts from the excellent Kevin Acee. Plus, his season preview.

- SFC’s preview of Jokeland’s opener

- Kent Babb on Matt Cassell. Meanwhile, the Chefs are unlikely to showcase their new Swiss Army knife on Monday.

- The Dolts may (cringe) have one of the best QBs in the game right now, but we can still always laugh about this guy...

Other Stuff

- The NFLPA is starting to work on what leverage they have to prevent the owners from locking them out next year.

- Vernon Davis got $23 million in guarantees as part of a five-year contract extension.

- Andrew Brandt looks at the deals given to Chuck Woodson and Gisele’s hubby.

- FO’s great collection of quotes from around the league. Dan Hampton is an idiot…

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