$10M for a center LOLZ

Good Morning, Broncos fans! It's very rare that teams use transition tags anymore, to the point where they're hardly even discussed as options.

As with franchise tags, they offer a chance for teams to match outside offer sheets.

However, they provide no compensation if a team elects not to match, which takes away quite a bit of leverage.

Surprisingly, Cleveland (Alex Mack) and Pittsburgh (Jason Worilds) each used transition tenders this offseason, and the move may blow up in the Browns' faces.

Cleveland chose a $10M transition tender over the $11.6M franchise tender, which would have included two first-rounders as prohibitive compensation.

Obviously, no team is going to give up two first-round picks to acquire any center.

But anyone interested in signing Mack doesn't have to pay him $10M for one year. Rather, they can simply construct a deal the Browns cannot or will not match.

Well, Jacksonville hosted the two-time Pro Bowler on Friday, and they may sign him to an offer sheet.

Of course, Cleveland may not have found themselves in a much better situation had they franchised Mack, since they still wouldn't have him signed for the long term.


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