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You Got Served by Ted Bartlett

You Got Served: Tebow Time

Happy Tuesday, friends, and welcome to another edition of You Got Served.  Not much of interest happened over the weekend, so I’ll probably just keep this boring and unprovocative, like everybody does on a slow news day.  How about them Texas Rangers?

I guess there’s the little matter of Tim Tebow getting some action, and being named the starting QB today, so I suppose I’ll touch on that a little bit.  It hasn’t gotten enough attention, so why not give it some?  Ready… BEGIN!!

1.  The Broncos did the only thing they could do on Sunday, and that’s bench Kyle Orton.  He has played poorly this year, and he lost the QB job after an ample amount of time to turn it around and show better results than he did.  There’s no reasonable defense that can be made of his play, and no rationalization about anybody else will stand up.  Isolating Orton’s play, there was simply a lot to be desired.

When Tebow entered the game on Sunday, he was joining a completely flat team, and they got energized pretty quickly on both sides of the ball.  I don’t know if we can attribute that all to Tebow’s entrance, but I think it’s the most likely cause.  I will definitely say that I think the offensive group competes harder when Tebow is in the game than they do when Orton is in the game.  The 3.5 games we've seen of Tebow tell me that that is the case, when measured against the 33.5 Orton games.

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You Got Served: The copycat NFL (we hope)

Happy Tuesday, friends, and welcome to what will be a somewhat abbreviated version of You Got Served.  The Broncos lost, and frankly, my Digesting preview from Friday had it pegged.  I got a bunch of reaction that thought I was underselling the Broncos, but I wasn’t.  I just had it right; this Broncos team isn’t ready to compete with the Super Bowl Champions in their building yet.  Hilariously on Sunday, one of my least favorite trolls from my four years of writing about football accused me of “blatant homerism” in the Lard comments because I can see that Robert Ayers is a good player, and I frequently say so.  I got a good laugh at that when I was sitting in the Key West airport on Monday morning waiting to come home.  Evidently, I’m a homer who has somehow picked the Broncos to lose three of their four games this season so far.  I had a win against Oakland and a loss against Cincinnati, but otherwise I’ve had it right, and in the case of the Tennessee and Green Bay games, I’ve had it very right.

I’ve got rebuilding fever, even if John Elway doesn’t really like that word, because he feels like it provides a built-in excuse.  At least his objection was of a semantic nature, and he didn’t just dismiss the idea out of hand that a clear transition is underway.  Teams have to be honest with themselves about what they are, and since our analysis here aspires to be of a similar quality to what teams are seeing themselves, we also have to be honest about what the Broncos are.

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You Got Served - Losing respectably

Happy Rebuilding Tuesday, friends.  Since I got my mind right last week and remembered what was really going on, I found myself significantly less upset about Sunday’s game than I’ve historically been about Broncos losses.  I also decided that I think Foxball is a great way to rebuild, because as TJ pointed out Sunday, it makes it hard to get blown out of games.  As much as I can be a pretty good sport about losing 17-14 on the road when I expected practically that exact result, it remains to be seen how I do with something like the 43-13 stinkbomb against Arizona last season.

In any case, this might be the busiest week that I have all season, because it’s my month-end close, I have a test in my MBA class on Thursday night, and I’m heading out with my girlfriend for a weekend in Key West on Friday morning.  I was a crew member of the original USS Spruance (DD-963), which was the lead ship of the Spruance class, and as such I was invited to attend the commissioning of the second USS Spruance (DDG-111), the 61st ship of the Arleigh Burke class, which will take place on Saturday evening.  I’m going to do the best  I can today and Friday, and I’ll be watching the game on my iPad on Sunday but no other games, because you know, it’s Key West.  Anyway, it’s down to football as time allows.  Ready…BEGIN!!

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You Got Served: Rebuilding Fever - Catch it!

Happy Tuesday, friends.  You have to like a start to the week that includes a win, even if it was a fairly ugly one.  I like the pushback on Monday from John Elway that any Broncos fan who is disappointed with a win isn’t really a Broncos fan.  I agree with that, and I’ll never root for the team to lose for any reason.  Beyond the game at SAF, it was an interesting NFL weekend, and there’s much to discuss.  Ready… BEGIN!!

1.  I’m guilty, and I have to admit it.  I’m the guy who, particularly on my old WordPress site, has relentlessly beaten the drum about how the Broncos media and fan base lack the ability or inclination to allow the team to undertake a real rebuild, or to admit that one is needed.

b.      Broncos fans are spoiled and entitled, after 30 successful years, which included 7 AFC championship appearances, 5 Super Bowl appearances, and 2 victories.  They unreasonably demand winning now, while mostly not understanding that every team has eventually had to rebuild.

Then, during the preseason, when the Broncos’ primary players looked good, I let myself get a little overexcited about the team's prospects.  Last week, when the team spit the bit against Oakland, I let myself get down more than I should have.  Today, I’m happy to have witnessed a win, but I’m not letting myself get too high about it.  Perspective has returned.

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You Got Served - Here we go (again)

Happy Tuesday, friends, even though it really isn’t.  I was in a hating-some-people mood all day Monday, and it continues today.  Last night’s game against the Raiders tells us some important things about the Broncos, and all we can really do is take the lessons and try to understand what happened, and what it means on a go-forward basis.  Feel the excitement?  Ready… Begin (or whatever…)

1.  Last night’s game was a great example of complementary football, and how the Broncos aren’t close to playing it yet.  The primary damage was done in the second quarter behind bad field position, penalties, a blocked punt, and a couple of terrible turnovers.

The offense did little in this game to help the defense, which actually played at a league-average level.  (I think that’s the best we can hope for in 2011.)  When Matt Prater missed his 56-yard field goal, it gave the Raiders good field position.  When Knowshon Moreno fumbled, it gave the Raiders excellent field position.  When Britton Colquitt’s punt was blocked, it gave the Raiders excellent field position.  When Kevin Vickerson took that awful personal foul penalty at the end of the first half, he practically asked Sebastian Janikowski to kick his record-tying field goal, which ended up being the difference in the game.

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You Got Served - Freak out! (not)

Happy Tuesday, friends.  I had a nice Labor Day weekend, and I hope you did too.  It was busy, though, and I’m coming back to a busy workweek, so I’m kind of squeezed for time from both ends.  That said, I’m going to get moving and play for maximum value over minimum time.  I may even offend some people, with or without really meaning to.  Ready… BEGIN!!!

1.  Our friends at the DP rubed out again this weekend, breathlessly reporting that the Broncos would definitely be hitting the waiver wire hard before seeing them claim nobody at all.  As a staff, we were laughing at what seems to be the front office’s new practice of building up the expectations of the local media, only to make them look bad when things don’t happen the way they were speculated.  Woody is already bitching about John Fox’s skill in saying nothing at all while saying many words, as Doug pointed out in Monday’s Lard.

Personally, I’m not very surprised at all that the Broncos didn’t claim anybody.  I did a fairly basic exercise on Saturday where I picked through a lot of chaff looking for wheat, and I didn’t find much quality among young players who were waived.  The only guy I really liked was Tavares Gooden, and I can’t make a great case that Gooden is better than Mario Haggan or Nate Irving.  Of course, when you claim a guy on waivers, he goes to the active roster and you have to immediately cut a player to make room for him.

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You Got Served - Football and nutjobbery

Happy Tuesday, friends, and welcome to another edition of You Got Served.  I’m excited, aren’t you?  We have some football to discuss, as well as some deep exploration of my use of the word “nutjob” on Friday, which got some people upset.  Along with that, I’ll have some expanded thoughts about the Tebow media environment, and why I believe that my comment is justified.  Beyond that, it’s a surprise.  Buckle your chinstraps, because this is going to be a full-contact Tuesday.  Ready…. BEGIN!!!

1.  There was a lot of excellent analysis by TJ, Doug, and Doc on Saturday’s game, and I don’t really have a lot to add to it that hasn’t already been said.  I decided to take a run at putting together a 53-man roster, since we’re now heading into the fourth preseason game, and a lot of the bottom 45 guys on the roster are going to be trying to get off the cut list with a big play here or there, ala Shannon Sharpe’s story.

The list that I’ve compiled represents the 53 best players that I’ve seen this preseason, plus Demaryius Thomas, who’s going to start the season on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list.  It includes certain assumptions about the numbers of players that the Broncos will keep at each position, which follow immediately here.

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You Got Served: Wedding week edition

Happy Tuesday, friends.  This is the week where we start preseason football, and I’m very excited to get my first look at what’s going on.  As a Broncos expatriate in Cleveland, I’ll be listening to the game on on Thursday night, and then I just realized that I won’t get to see the game until probably Sunday, which is pretty lame.  I’ll have to listen super-intently, I guess.

This is the incredible (hopefully once-in-a-lifetime) “2 Weddings in 2 States in 2 Days” weekend, which I may or may not have mentioned in this space.  If I did, picture me smirking for my critics who don’t like me talking about anything but football.  If I didn’t, it’s pretty much the same picture.  Funny how that works.  The moral of the story, as always, is that I do what I want, and bitching about it only makes me more defiant.

Anyway, on Friday morning, I leave at the crack of dawn to fly to Providence, RI.  I’ll drive across from there to my hometown of Norwich, CT for the wedding of one of my oldest friends, Tony Orsini, to his lovely fiancée Anastasia Barber.  Saturday morning, I’m flying back to Cleveland to attend the wedding of my fraternity brother Drew Saum (you know him as the guy who rigged the Madden 12 election) to the equally lovely Molly Watson.  It should be lots of fun, and I congratulate both couples.

So, yeah, Sunday for the visual game experience.  I think it will be the first time in about 4 years that I’ve had to miss seeing Broncos football game for a significant amount of time after the game has played, and I’m not going to make a habit of it.  I hope that everybody who can see the game before me is paying attention, and is applying the stuff that we talk about here, and I’ll catch up with y’all when I can.  For now, let’s get to current football events.  Ready…. BEGIN!!

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You Got Served - Hellooo real football to discuss

Happy Tuesday, friends, and welcome to another edition of You Got Served.  I launched this recurring Tuesdayish feature when I joined IAOFM in January, and I explained what it was all about at that time.  Since we’re finding a lot of new readers lately, (our traffic has just been exploding), and just to do a quick reset for the existing reader base, I decided to do a quick couple paragraphs explaining the concept.

YGS is meant to be somewhat structureless, in the sense that I feel free to write about whatever football thoughts I have in a week.  While this is primarily a Broncos site, I’ve always been an around-the-league guy, and I’ll always talk about teams other than the Broncos, to keep everybody abreast of the NFL-wide scene, since no national NFL reporters really know what they’re talking about, beyond repeating what people tell them.

We’ll get into some technical football here, and I’ll always be aiming to point out non-obvious things that are happening on the football field and in the business environment around the game.  I’m going to talk about what I’m thinking about, in the style that works for me.  It’s what I’ve always done, going back to Shallow Thoughts and Nearsighted Observations.  Sometimes you’ll disagree with me, and sometimes I’ll offend your sensibilities, but I hope that at the end of the read, you'll feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth.

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NFL players are a scourge on this great nation

I can’t believe these greedy, ungrateful players!  They’re just willfully holding this thing up.  The owners have given them a great proposal, and these guys say they need more time.  Why can’t they read 500 pages in an hour?  Is it because most of them can’t read?  I’m not saying, I’m just saying…  Have you ever read their twits on that Twitter thing?  Umm… hello?  English class… you should try it sometime.  And some of them even use profanity.  Don’t they know that their most important purpose in life is being role models to children?  They should be talking about Jesus and tax breaks and preventing Muslims from opening mosques or gays from getting married.  You know, positive stuff that promotes a stronger America, where everybody who deserves it can enjoy apple pie, and watch football, and those who don’t should just work harder, and maybe it happens for them next year.

Look, the owners have worked hard to create a product that people want to see, and these players should be happy just to get to attach themselves to the genius of these 32 American heroes and benefit from it.  I don’t have a pension, and neither does anybody I know.  Why should these guys get one?  This is America, and we’ve all unanimously decided to accept a lower quality of life than our parents had.  That’s democracy, and the majority rules.  It’s the greatest country in the world, and these players don’t understand that.  They should call me when they get serious about capitalism, democracy, and the Constitution.  Let’s practice – We hold these truths to be self-evident, that employees should be happy to have jobs, and should thank the benevolent job creators for their generosity.  Four score and seven years ago, the young NFL almost folded, but thanks to the white protestant tenacity of men like George Halas, Curly Lambeau, and Ronald Reagan, it grew and thrived, and now these guys that couldn’t get a job in my family’s snack bar want to make millions of dollars off of the sweat of those visionary entrepreneurs and their heirs.  John Quincy Adams and our other Founding Fathers would roll over in their graves, because those people clearly don't know the Constitution.

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