You Got Served

You Got Served by Ted Bartlett

You Got Served: All-22 review - Broncos at Giants

Happy Saturday, friends. As mentioned yesterday, I’ve had a tremendously busy week, and couldn’t find four hours to do my All-22 work until this morning. So, it’s been a while since the Giants game, but I have some observations on it.

Knowing our reader base, I’m confident that you all still have interest. Ready… BEGIN!!

1. I don’t have a lot of screenshots on this topic, but I think it’s the most important takeaway from Sunday’s game, so I want to discuss it at some length. The Broncos defense, for the second week in a row, was extremely instrumental in winning the game.

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You Got Served: All-22 review - Broncos vs Ravens

Happy Thursday, friends. It's somehow been a week, and I didn't get to the All-22 video until Wednesday night. When you're going back to Cali to play golf all weekend, and you're not bringing the girlfriend, it turns out that she wants some substantial attention when you get back. Who knew?

Anyway, better late than never, right? I watched the All-22 last night, and the one downside of the Broncos having run a ton of plays is that the film take forever to watch. Since they show each play twice, and they also show the down, distance, score, and time remaining for a few seconds before each play, it took upward of two hours to get through the whole game.

Who’s ready for some (20-20) observations? Ready… BEGIN!!

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Which position group is the Broncos’ biggest strength?

Happy Sunday, friends.  Since we’re approaching training camp, it seems like a good time to start prospectively discussing some 2013 Denver Broncos football.  What do you think about that? 

It’s really been since draft season since we had much substantive football material to talk about, and I’ve decided to reconvene the conversation at IAOFM by writing what is hopefully a thought-provoking article.

The case has been made by some people that the Broncos have the best overall 1-53 talent in the NFL.  I agree with those people, and I don’t see an area of the team that is below-average.  You have to line up on Sunday and do it, but this team is capable of winning the Super Bowl in 2013.  There are (and can be) no expectation management efforts going on for this edition of the Broncos.

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What makes a good football coach?

Happy Monday, friends.  I hope everybody had a nice holiday weekend.  I spent the time in Los Angeles, visiting my brother and his family, and during my travels, I saw where Doug linked a Mark Kiszla article about Foxball possibly leading to John Fox getting fired after 2013.

That spurred an interesting discussion in the Lard comments, and it got me to thinking about the nature of football coaching.  It’s a 4.5-hour drive from LA to Yuma, Arizona, and that’s a lot of thinking time.

What I’d like to explore today are the various parts of the job description of an NFL head coach.  Once we identify them, I then want to try to get at the question of which parts are most important.  If we’re fairly judging a coach, having an idea of that in place is crucial. 

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You Got Served: Considering Jay-Z as a sports agent

Happy Thursday, friends.  Today, I want to get all thoughtful and contemplative, and consider a subject that’s creeping into NFL discussion, mostly with negative connotations.  I’d like to bring some balance to the discussion.

The subject du jour (which means “of the day,” for you Europhobes,) is Jay-Z’s move toward becoming a player agent.  Word is already out that DeSean Jackson has fired Drew Rosenhaus, and that he’s looking to get himself into the Roc Nation fold.

Jackson has a bit of a reputation as a me-first diva knucklehead WR, and race-baiting douchebag Mike Florio is being subtle at this point, but he already has his commenters frothing.  That’s generally been the tone of coverage of Jay-Z’s foray into agenthood.

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NFL team valuations: Still bubblin’

Happy Friday, friends.  I was pretty interested to see the Deadspin article that ran yesterday and included a full copy of the audited financial statements of the Carolina Panthers.  They presented the last two fiscal years, which ended on March 31 of 2012 and 2011, respectively, and they offer a good look at the financial position of a team that sits right in the middle of the NFL in Forbes’s valuation rankings.

I know that I always have some first-time readers, so I hope that my long-time readers will bear with me as I lay out my bona fides for addressing this topic.  I have bachelors degrees in both finance and accounting, and also an MBA.  I’m presently working on finishing the CPA exam, and I hope/expect to be done with it by the end of May.  Additionally, I’ve been working in corporate accounting and finance for eight years, since I graduated with my first BBA.

I’m not exactly an accounting expert, but anybody would tell you that I’m a pretty solid pro, and among football writers, I’m pretty confident in where I stand as a financial analyst.

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You Got Served: Tying Darrelle Revis to Elvis Dumervil

Happy Thursday, friends.  In the wake of the news that Elvis Dumervil is being asked to take a pay cut, I’ve been thinking about what it might mean in a larger sense for the Broncos’ offseason plans.

I haven’t been buying the idea of the Broncos being in on Darrelle Revis, but with the team’s salary structure as it currently stands, and with the expected cuts of D.J. Williams and Joe Mays looming, I tend to view the Dumervil business as a complementary move to something big.

About five weeks ago, I wrote an article where I talked about the Broncos’ salary structure.  I pointed out that Peyton Manning, Dumervil, Champ Bailey, Ryan Clady, and Von Miller account for $58 million in cap hit, which is now 47% of the Broncos salary cap.  That is the primary reason that I say that the Broncos can’t accommodate another large salary.

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You Got Served: 2013 Broncos salary cap and free agency primer - Part 2

Happy Tuesday, friends.  As promised, I’m back with Part 2 of my salary cap and free agency primer.  Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it.  If you did, you missed the homework assignment, so read all the way down and catch up.  We’ll wait.

Okay, welcome to the party.  There were a lot of good ideas in the comments yesterday, and today, I’m going to describe what I would do if I ran the Broncos.  The idea isn’t to reflect what they will do, in other words.  It’s intellectually equivalent of my annual Rational Actor Mock Draft, which is months away from being done for 2013.

As you’ll recall from yesterday, the Broncos are now without two starting DTs, a starting and backup MLB, two backup safeties (one a key special teamer), a starting slot WR, a backup WR, a backup CB, and a backup center.  (That’s just the unrestricted free agents.)  We have $15.5 million of cap room to spend, after we allocate $3 million to the 2013 Draft.

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You Got Served: 2013 Broncos salary cap and free agency primer - Part 1

Happy Monday, friends.  We’re on the other side of the Pro Bowl now, with only a who-gives-a-damn Super Bowl left to go.  For today, I decided to start putting together some salary cap and free agency ideas, so we can all start getting our minds around what’s to come.  There’s already a bunch of speculation out there about who the Broncos should sign or trade for, and most of it is silly.

Today, we’re going to be serious, and we’re going to dismiss all of the delusions of grandeur that a lot of fans and reporters have.  A football team has to plan for both the short term, as well as the long term, and the long-term planning that the Broncos face doesn’t allow for the big splash signings that get people excited.

Let’s start by doing some math, and by understanding how the Broncos currently sit structurally within the constraints of the salary cap.  The cap in 2013 is expected to be around $121 million, and the Broncos currently look like they’ll have $18.5 million at the beginning of the NFL year.  It’s easy to think that they can just go out and spend $18.5 million in average annual value on free agents, but it’s not that simple.

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You Got Served: The 2012 Broncos season was a success

I’m a pretty calm guy, which is a development that’s taken place in my 30s.  As a kid, I had an extremely bad temper, and even into my 20s, it persisted to some degree, and I was prone to outbursts, and door slamming, and the like.  Around the time I got separated and divorced in 2007 and 2008, maybe somewhat as a byproduct of the whole failed marriage experience, I started to evolve into a more levelheaded person, and it’s a change I’m very pleased with.

In 2008, I also started writing about football at MHR, mostly because I had a lot of time on my hands.  When I joined the staff, there were only four people on the masthead.  Two of their then-writers are kind of emotional guys, given to rants and kneejerk reactions.  The other two stayed more separated from what happened in the last game, or the least series, and didn’t really come from the place that a fan came from.

In fitting into that mix, one of the directions my writing took is that I’ve always tried to be dispassionate, and not let how I feel affect what I think, and what I say.  I make a lot of real-time statements and observations, but they’re never emotional.  You’d never see me suggest that Champ Bailey needs to retire, because he had one bad game, as a commenter or two did Saturday.  There are times, when all hell breaks loose, when a voice of reason is needed, and I decided to be that guy.

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