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Thursday Trivia Trough: Notable figures in Broncos/Chefs history

It's Chefs week in Denver, which means one thing. Actually, it means a lot of things - incessant Montana/Elway/MNF replays, talk of the best rivalries in pro sports, comparisons between Josh McDaniels and Todd Haley, and questions of who has the better home-field advantage. Let's test your Broncos/Chefs knowledge with a Thursday edition of Trivia Trough. We've compiled 16 questions regarding some of the most memorable figures in this cherished rivalry. Some will bring up fond recollections, while others will summon nasty demons. As always, last names suffice. Although Sporcle defaults to making you submit answers in order, you can click on specific questions to skip around or ahead. Good luck, post your scores in the comments, and of course no cheating or peeking!

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Notable Figures in Broncos/Chefs History

Thursday Trivia Trough: Broncos first-round draft choices 1967-2010

Bye weeks can be tough, especially when your team is 2-6 and sitting in last place like ours is. But we’re almost to the weekend, folks. In fact, here’s an extra Thursday edition of Trivia Trough to help you along. As you probably know, the Broncos have been around since 1960, when the AFL was formed. But college stars had no interest in signing with Denver, despite the Broncos’ best efforts in drafting future HOFers like Dick Butkus, Merlin Olsen, Bob Hayes and Paul Krause. This all changed in 1967, when the Broncos finally were able to sign a first-round draft choice, a certain running back from Syracuse who would later be known as “The Franchise”. Since then, the Broncos have drafted 37 players in the first round - some stars and some busts. Let’s see how many you can remember. As always, each player’s last name will suffice, no peeking or cheating, post your scores in the comments, and best of luck!

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How many of the Broncos’ first-round draft choices since 1967 can you name?

PS - If anyone asks “What about Elway?” I would suggest brushing up on Broncos History 101…

Friday Trivia Trough: Top 25 Broncos in receiving yards

It’s Friday afternoon, which means it’s about time for everyone to start thinking about what really matters: trivia. Here at IAOFM, we’re always looking to keep your appetite for useless knowledge sated. Last week, we examined your expertise in the running backs department. Today, let’s measure your memory in terms of career receiving yardage. How many of the top 25 Broncos in that category can you name? Statistics are current as of today, October 29th, 2010, although only one active Bronco is on the list. As always, no peeking or cheating, good luck, and post your scores in the comments!

Note: There is one guy here whose surname consists of two parts. Unfortunately, this is a bit awkward within Sporcle in that I set it up so you can just enter players’ last names. So, in his case you can either put the two parts together without a space, or you can just put the second part in. I know, a little complicated, but them’s the breaks. Sorry about that.

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Can you name the Top 25 Broncos in terms of Career Receiving Yards?

Friday Trivia Trough: 1,000-yard rushers

Here’s a topic near and dear to all Broncos fans’ hearts, especially those who’ve been watching since the 1990s. 1,000-yard rushers. They used to grow on a tree behind Mike Shanahan’s 35,000 square foot mansion. Okay, fine - his mansion wasn’t completed until after he was fired. Details. Meh. This quiz would normally be about as simple as a pimple, but I’ve added some mild twists. First, you’ve got to name the 1,000-yard backs one by one, and in reverse chronological order. Plus, you’ll have to type in an answer for each year, even if a player had multiple 1,000-yard seasons.

Unfortunately it’s been awhile (2006), so you’ll need to know who that guy was. I’ll even give you a hint - he always gets a great reception at the Aurora Mall, even though he arrives with a bit of baggage. As always, no peeking or cheating, post your scores in the comments, and good luck! BTW, if you’ve missed our previous quizzes you can always find them here.

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Can you name the Broncos’ 1,000-yard rushers, in reverse chronological order?

Friday Trivia Trough: Dear John edition

Did I say something yesterday about this one being easy? Scratch that. It’s not brutal in general, but a few of the answers are - let’s look at twenty different guys named John who have/had associations with the Broncos of varying degrees. Since I’m a stickler, there aren’t even any guys named Jon (as in Keyworth). Every answer has a first name of John, which of course you don’t have to type in. Last names always suffice, and I’ve allowed for as many reasonable misspellings as I can think of. If you miss the answer to #1, we will see to it that you are banned from Broncos fanhood for life.

Chibronx - although I didn’t make this a funny one, thanks for the inspiration to change things up a little bit. As always, no peeking or cheating, post your scores in the comments, and good luck!

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How many of these 20 men named John associated with the Broncos can you name?

Thursday Trivia Trough: Punt return TDs

I’m sorry, folks. I haven’t refilled the trough in quite awhile, and you must be starving for some Broncos trivia. Perhaps I could throw you a meatball to make up for it, but that’s just not how I operate. Plus, it’s only Thursday so you’re much less likely to be hungover than perhaps you will be tomorrow? I’ll have another edition of the Trough tomorrow, and a somewhat easier one, at that.

But today’s trivia is tough, and it will likely favor the older readers here at IAOFM. Quite frankly, this question would kick my butt. Seventeen different players have returned punts for touchdowns as Broncos (only four of them have done so more than once). How many of them can you name? As always, click below for the quiz and post your scores in the comments (No peeking or cheating!). Good luck, you’ll need it!

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Broncos who have returned punts for TDs

Friday Trivia Trough: Broncos with 100-yard rushing games

Okay, Broncos fans. Who’s hungry for some trivia? Throughout the Shanahan years, we all prided ourselves on Denver being a so-called “Running Back Factory.” Our non-Broncos fan friends would ask us each August who they should draft in their fantasy leagues, and we’d give them the inside scoop. Which 6th-rounder or undrafted player would become the Broncos’ next running star? Well, plenty of the guys on this list were never stars, but all of them had 100-yard games as a Bronco. 41 different players in total, although only 12 did it three or more times wearing predominantly orange. This one’s tough, but not nearly as difficult as the 100-yard receivers one. As always, post your scores in the comments, and no peeking or cheating! Good luck!

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Can you name the players who have had 100-yard rushing games as Broncos?

Regurgitated Trivia Trough

Hey everyone - Friday’s installment of the Trivia Trough hasn’t gotten nearly as many bites as the first two, so I thought I’d serve it up again just for kicks…

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Can you name the Broncos’ Yearly Sack Leaders?

Friday Trivia Trough: Broncos yearly sack leaders

This morning, I promised you a new Sporcle quiz, so here it is. Although the NFL did not recognize the sack as an official stat until 1982, the Broncos have been tracking them since 1970. So, that gives us 40 seasons of sack leaders between 1970 and 2009. Several recent years have seen multiple players tie for the team lead; those instances are marked with a “t” and you’ve got to guess both (or every) guy! You’ll have 7 minutes to work with, and as always, last names are good enough. I didn’t allow for spelling errors this time, because I’m like that. Post your scores in the comments, and as always, no peeking or cheating. Good luck!

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Can you name the Broncos’ Yearly Sack Leaders?

Friday Trivia Trough: Broncos with 100-yard receiving games

Our first quiz was a big hit, and since we can publish seven of these each month, I’m going to give you a Friday edition this week as well. This one will be a bit tougher than the last quiz, so I’m giving you 12 minutes to agonize. In the Broncos’ history, 47 different players have had 100-yard receiving games. How many can you name? Just like last time, click straight through to Sporcle below, and then post your scores and discuss names in the comments. Frankly, I’ll be impressed by anyone who comes up with more than half of the names. As always, no peeking or cheating!

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Can you name the players who have had 100-yard receiving games as Broncos?