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The Recipe: 7 ways to attack Cover 3

Happy Thursday, friends. As you read this, I'll be in San Diego attending a sales and use tax seminar. As I write this Wednesday night, I'm also in San Diego, in a (somewhat disappointing) hotel room, overlooking the bay, and we just got back from a nice dinner in Little Italy.

Guess how many people I saw rocking Chargers gear, in a high foot traffic area, a mere two weeks after their feel-good playoff run ended? I saw exactly one of them, which is par for the course for this town.

I'm not here to talk about weak-ass Chargers fans, though. It's Super Bowl week, and I promised y'all some material. If you'll follow me across the jump, I'm fixing to drop some knowledge on you, as Stuart Scott would say.

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The Recipe: Wes Welker’s first TD vs Philadelphia

Happy Wedneday, friends. I got started watching the All-22 video last night, but unfortunately, I got sidetracked from finishing it. For today, I thought we'd look at a key play from the Broncos/Eagles game, and break down why it worked.

It's funny, because I criticize Troy Aikman's broadcasting skills, but he actually didn't do a bad job of spotting what happened here, and explaining it live. I think there's a bit more to what he had to say, though, and that seeing the whole thing is instructive for our readers.

The play in question is Wes Welker's first TD reception of the game, which made the score 7-0, Broncos. It was 3rd-and-2 from the Eagles' six-yard line, and the Broncos ran a concept that was highly likely to at least pick up the first down. Based on Philly's defensive tactics, it became an almost guaranteed TD.

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The Recipe: Decker’s late conversion on 3rd-and-7

Happy Monday, friends. There was something subtle but important that happened in the Broncos-Giants game, and I held it out from YGS on Saturday so that we could look at it on its own, and ponder it.

Facing a 3rd-and-7 with 3:49 remaining in a game they led 38-23, the Broncos threw the football. Not only that, they got the first down.

In the playoff disaster last season, the Broncos faced a very similar situation (3rd-and-7 from the Denver 47, 2:00 to go, up 35-28), and were content to hand the ball off to Ronnie Hillman for no gain. The Broncos punted the ball, and three plays later, Jacoby Jones was in the end zone.

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The Recipe: Touchdown pass #6 to Demaryius Thomas

Happy Thursday, friends. This season, I'm going to pick one key play per game, and break it down in a short-form article. There's always some game-behind-the-game stuff to talk about, and I feel like bringing it to IAOFM will add some value for our reader base.

Today, I wanted to look at the sixth (!) of Peyton Manning's seven (!!!) touchdown passes, which covered 26 yards, and went to Demaryius Thomas. When the offense is generating TDs at the rate that the Broncos were, it's easy for details to get lost in the live game coverage, and NBC didn't get into something interesting on this play.

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article talking about alignment concepts for defensive backs, and it focused heavily on body posture. When you were a kid, did anybody ever give you a hard time about your posture? I hope so, because it's important. On this touchdown pass, it was the key to the success of the play.

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