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As meaningful as a meaningless game can get?

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Yes, tonight's game is just the preseason, and even the regular season rematch will only mean so much.

But the Broncos still have an opportunity to let out some frustration tonight against Seattle, and any bit of closure will help.

Some players, like Omar Bolden and Kevin Vickerson, admit there is some meaning in the game.

As always, the primary goal is to emerge healthily.

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Richard Quinn is back!

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As per usual, the starters are expected to play 10-12 snaps in tomorrow's preseason opener.

Von Miller and Chris Harris will not play, while DeMarcus Ware, Emmanuel Sanders, and Kevin Vickerson are questionable.

Montee Ball is expected to be released from the hospital today, but may not play in any preseason games.

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Montee may miss only two weeks

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Fortunately, Montee Ball's appendicitis was caught before the organ could rupture.

His surgery reportedly went well, and the second-year runner is expected to make a full recovery in time for Denver's season opener against Indy.

But in a best case scenario, he could miss as few as two games and return in a couple of weeks.

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Favre, Packers finally mend fences

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Four years into his retirement, the Packers will finally honor Brett Favre in a proper manner.

Yes, he was (and is) vastly overrated, and his annual should I/shouldn't I retire exercise was the worst part of many NFL summers.

But there was never any doubt that Favre deserved to have his number retired and be inducted to Green Bay's HOF.

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Tamme TD highlights stadium scrimmage

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The team held its annual stadium scrimmage on Saturday, in front of 38,620 appreciative (and appreciated) fans.

Julius Thomas, Chris Harris, DeMarcus Ware, and Kevin Vickerson were among those who were held out.

Thomas suffered a thigh bruise on Friday, but is expected back at practice on Monday.

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Goodell agrees with Goodell, Goodell, and Goodell

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Commissioner Roger Goodell finally spoke to reporters about Judge Roger Goodell's two-game suspension of Ray Rice.

Interestingly, he says he agrees with Goodell's decision, and thinks Jury Roger Goodell does as well.

It's believed that Appeals Judge Roger Goodell would have upheld the length of the ban, had Rice been foolish enough to have challenged it. 

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Quinn follows Tebow’s reluctant exit

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! It took nearly six months, and wide ranging criticism to get there.

But Ray Rice has finally publicly apologized to his wife, Janay, and spoken out against domestic violence.

On Thursday, Rice took questions from reporters for the first time since his two-game suspension was announced.

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Cue the Brandon Marshall mental illness jokes

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Despite rainy conditions, more than 9,200 fans attended Wednesday's practice at SAF@MH.

Kayvon Webster put in a strong day's work against Wes Welker, capping it off with a pick-six against Peyton Manning.

The second-year player says he's more relaxed this year, and is still being mentored by Champ Bailey.

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Jerrah isn’t rolling out the red carpet for Raiders

Good Morning, Broncos fans! So, are the Raiders really considering a move to San Antonio?

Probably not, but the story still drew a response from the mayor of Oakland.

Jerry Jones doesn't seem to feel threatened by the idea.

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Anderson slimmed down a bit for second season

Good Morning, Broncos fans! All offseason long, it's been suggested that Montee Ball is locked in as Denver's starting running back.

For his part, Montee says he's far more confident heading into his sophomore campaign, and he hopes to break the 250-carry barrier.

The 23-year-old admits that the length of the NFL season wore him down a bit, even though his best performances came down the stretch run.

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