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The NFL has been ready for Michael Sam for decades

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Hmm, anything happening in the NFL today?

Oh, right - SEC DPOY and former Missouri DE Michael Sam publicly revealed in an interview with ESPN that he is gay.

The All-American came out to his college teammates and coaches last summer, but all that did was confirm something they had already known all along.

If and when Sam is drafted and/or signed, he will be the league's first openly gay player.

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Making something out of nothing

Good Morning, Broncos fans! A week after the Super Bowl, there's virtually no news in NFL Land. Which means, of course, that people have to start creating stories and theories out of noting.

The latest regarding Denver? The PFT echo chamber has decided that the Broncos might decide to cut Wes Welker, whose 2014 cap number is $8M.

Yes, that's a big jump from his 2013 figure of $4.15M, but not only did Denver know what they were doing when they first signed him, they also are well aware that cutting Welker would result in a $2M dead money hit.

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Tony Gonzalez, always talking about Tony Gonzalez

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Naturally, there's going to be a lot of speculation about Denver's roster decisions this offseason.

The latest comes from former player agent Joel Corry, who of course says a serious pay cut is surely in Champ Bailey's future, if he's to remain a Bronco.

Corry figures Joel Dreessen and Chris Kuper will be cap casualties, but he interestingly omits Jacob Tamme.

Although Tamme is a favorite of Peyton Manning's, it just doesn't seem feasible to keep him around at a $3.5M cap number.

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Hope you didn’t expect to keep that Decker jersey for too long

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Well, it's been five days. How are you feeling?

If you're like the people Joan Niesen flew home with on Tuesday, you're doing just fine.

Niesen does a fine job of explaining why that is - namely, John Elway and Peyton Manning.

It has to help that many of us got to mourning the 2013 season rather quickly - say, midway through the second quarter.

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Perhaps they’ll add even more Swooshes

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! We don't tend to pay much heed to unconfirmed rumors here, but since we're still licking our wounds, and news is slow, today's as good a day as any.

Over on Reddit, someone claims to have inside info that the Broncos have commissioned Nike to again overhaul their uniforms. (h/t Bryan Mills)

As the story goes, the team even gave Nike approval to (again) change the color scheme, with Phil Knight hoping to turn the Broncos into "the Oregon of the NFL."

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Peyton and Belichick, golf buddies? Wait, what?

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! The team cleared out its lockers at Dove Valley on Tuesday, and Johns Elway and Fox held their annual season-ending presser.

Not sure why everyone made such a big deal out of Elway's closing comments, but they did.

The most important thing Elway said, albeit completely expected, is that the team is preparing for 2014 with the expectation that Peyton Manning will be their quarterback.

It's been reported that Manning's future will be determined by the result of a physical examination of his surgically repaired neck.

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DRC: They wanted it way more than us

Good Evening, Broncos fans. Earlier today, we noted a couple of telling quotes from the SB-winning Seahawks.

Here's one from the Broncos, and it's far from your typical "they were better than us today" line. Here's what Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie had to say:

We've got to give credit to Seattle, you could tell they wanted it way more than us. They were not going to take a loss. They definitely came out and punched us around.


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SB win would mean a cool million for Fox

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The waiting is almost over, as we're just hours away from the kickoff of SB 48.

Its potential impact on Peyton Manning's legacy has been discussed ad nauseum, and of course, that will continue beyond tonight, win or lose.

But there's one very tangible and indisputable outcome hanging in the balance - according to Adam Schefter, a Denver victory would mean a $1M bonus for head coach John Fox.

Obviously, that's a chunk of money that the organization would be more than happy to part with.

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Peyton won’t be unanimous MVP

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! With just thirtysomething hours to go before SB 48 kicks off, here are the latest forecasts:

Accuweather predicts a temperature of 44 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, a mild breeze, and a dry evening.

The Weather Channel is still calling for temps in the upper 30s or lower 40s, with a slight chance of a sprinkle or drizzle, and a northwest breeze of around 10 mph.

Weather Underground says low 40s, cloudy skies, and single-digit winds, with no precipitation.

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Kroenke taking Rams back to La La Land?

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! The forecast for Sunday continues to improve, although not quite to the extent we're being told.

In reality, predicts kickoff temperatures in the high 30s or low 40s, with some breeziness and little or no precipitation.

Accuweather calls for an evening temperature of 41 degrees, with an 8% chance of precipitation.

Weather Underground predicts a similiar temperature, but zero chance of rain or snowfall.

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