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Raiders cede battle in the War on Women

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! While yesterday brought extremely upsetting news (from SCOTUS) for those who think women are people, the NFL was a surprising source of the opposite.

The group of lawsuits brought by current and former cheerleaders against the No Females League has brought at least one positive result.

Although the team is not exactly trumpeting the news, the Raiders will finally pay its cheerleaders the minimum wage (via KSK) for their tireless work.

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Talib not arrested, contrary to early reports

Good Morning, Broncos fans! My apologies for the lack of a Sunday Lard; I got myself embroiled in a project that took far more time than I'd anticipated.

Anyway, today's one item of real note is something of a non-story story.

On Sunday morning, some genius at the Dallas PD tweeted out (in great detail) that Aqib Talib had been arrested some eight hours earlier.

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Do the Browns know they drafted Johnny Football?

Good Morning, Broncos fans! We're often told that NFL teams are stepping up their research on draft prospects.

There's the standard poking and prodding of the combine, pro days, and official visits.

There are the scouting reports, psych evals, background checks, and probably even personal investigations.

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Clowney reportedly played with sports hernia in 2013

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! For many months leading up to the draft, we heard time and again that Jadeveon Clowney had motor issues.

Never mind that he was still in college only because of the NFL's ridiculous age policy that preserves its cost- and consequence-free minor league system (otherwise known as the NCAA).

As the story went, Clowney was either protecting his body (and his livelihood) last season, or was a (insert derogatory African-American code word) glory boy diva.

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Magid still on the hook for Dumervil debacle

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The latest iteration of the NFL's concussion settlement features a pair of significant improvements.

First, the league has agreed not to cap payouts at the previous level, which had been $765M.

This is meant to address ex-players' concerns that the settlement fund might run dry sometime over the next 65 years.

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Chargers pick Flowers to spruce up secondary

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Just a few days ago, Chargers GM Tom Telesco tried to laugh off suggestions that he'd authored too quiet of an offseason.

In typical haughty fashion, Greg Bedard was all too happy to play along, suggesting that San Diego, despite its brutal pass defense, was a threat to Denver in the AFCW.

But Telesco's bravado turned out to be just talk, as he made a big move to shore up that secondary on Tuesday, by agreeing to terms with former Chiefs corner Brandon Flowers.

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Flutie says the NFL is turning into the CFL

Good Morning, Broncos fans! It's certainly not often our intent to open a Lard with NBA news.

But it's late June, training camp is a month away, and the news is ginormous, transcending all other current sports happenings.

LeBron James is about to become a free agent once more.

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John Clayton sees no problem with paying Jay Cutler $1M/year less than PMFM

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! The Kyle Orton Watch of 2014 continues.

No, it's not quite as dramatic as his last QB controversy, but for the dog days of late June, it'll have to do.

Apparently, Kyle remains silent on his plans for the season.

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TD: I may have suffered ‘thousands’ of concussions

Good Morning, Broncos fans! We've all heard/read countless accounts from former players about the head injuries they suffered during their careers, and their long term effects.

Several Denver legends, including Floyd Little, Randy Gradishar, Karl Mecklenburg, Dennis Smith, and Craig Morton have sued the league over concussions.

Shane Dronett was found to have had CTE when he took his own life, at age 38.

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Jeremy Beal heads north

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Time and again in 2012, there was debate over how long it would take for Peyton Manning and his new teammates to get well enough acquainted to thrive on the field.

That same question is asked each year of new additions, whether via free agency or the draft.

Thanks to the WSJ, we now know that golf may be the key.

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