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Bruce Allen thinks being an NFL laughingstock is ‘winning off the field’

Happy New Year, Broncos fans! Between Jed York and Woody Johnson, it's been a busy week in terms of idiot sons of rich dudes saying stupid things.

Add to that list Washington president/GM Bruce Allen, son of HOF coach George, and brother of former Senator George, he of "Macaca" fame.

During a rambling presser on Wednesday, Allen mounted a weak defense of his disastrous run in Washington, hilariously suggesting it was time for the organization to rethink how it does everything. Of course, that was the idea a year ago, when Allen replaced Mike Shanahan with Jay Gruden.

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Jed York probably gave his last ever radio interview on Tuesday

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Tuesday brought some extra delicious coaching news and rumors:

Let's start out by the Bay: Niners GM Trent Baalke reportedly spoke with Mike Shanahan on Tuesday, will interview Rex Ryan, and is also considering Mini Shanny. Father and son competing for the same job? Imagine the conversation between tanning beds if one beats out the other.

Meanwhile, Jim Harbaugh is putting out word that Jed York pushed him out the door, and their split wasn't as mutual as York would have us believe.

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Woody Johnson and Jed York remind us to appreciate Pat Bowlen

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Black Monday 2014 was a banner day for verbal diarrhea from silver spoon clod owners.

First, there was LOLJets owner Sticks Johnson, who finally admitted his obvious error in forcing an incumbent coach (Rex Ryan) onto a GM (John Idzik). While discussing the twin firings, Johnson spoke about another one of his double blunders, when he shipped Darrelle Revis out of town and then failed to pursue him in free agency last year.

In the highlight of his presser, and a clear example of tampering, Woody said he'd love to have Revis back, but of course, the corner is under contract with the Patriots.

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In Kyle Orton terms, Kyle Orton goes out on top

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Pittsburgh handily defeated Cincy 27-17 on Sunday night, clinching the AFCN title and the AFC's #3 seed in the process.

The Steelers will host Baltimore on Saturday night, but they may be without Le'Veon Bell, who suffered a hyperextended knee on Sunday. Cincy is the #5 seed; they'll visit Indy in Sunday's first matchup, but also face a key injury concern, as A.J. Green departed with a concussion.

Denver will host the highest seeded remaining team among Pittsburgh, Indy, and Cincy.

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Jack Del Rio reportedly a candidate for Raiders job

Good Morning, Broncos fans! With the regular season set to end tonight, possible coaching and front office changes remain front and center:

  • All indications suggest Jim Harbaugh is heading back to Michigan, although the Raiders will reportedly make a last ditch effort to woo him on Monday.
  • If that fails, the Broncos' Jack Del Rio is seen as a top candidate; he'd be taking over for interim coach Tony Sparano and JDR's own Denver predecessor, Dennis Allen. There's a joke in here about John Fox and the Broncos doing to Oakland what Bill Belichick and the Pats did with super spy Josh McDaniels...

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Chiefs’ wide receiver scoring drought comes down to Chase Daniel

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Raiders Week just ain't what it used to be, is it?

This has been particularly true during the Peyton Manning era, during which the Broncos have prevailed in five blowouts in five tries. The average score in those games has been 35-14 (14.2 to be exact, since Oakland needs every tenth of a point it needs here).

Of course, that's how most Raiders games have gone for several years now, no matter the opponent (Chiefs and Chargers the exceptions).

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The Cardinals are stuck starting Ryan Lindley (yikes)

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Lost in the shuffle of Monday night's difficult loss was another big performance from C.J. Anderson.

The emergent back totaled 138 yards and a touchdown on 26 touches, giving him 1,066 yards and seven touchdowns for the season, on just 198 touches.

Anderson has produced at least 119 yards in five of the seven games since he became Denver's lead back. He had 96 yards against San Diego two weeks ago, and although he tallied only 58 yards on 21 touches (all carries, strangely) versus Buffalo, there were three touchdowns among them.

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Another year of Peyton Manning really is the best gift

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Peyton Manning is coming back next season. Really, is there any better Christmas gift than that?

Of course not. He might be injured, or his arm strength deteriorating. Whatever has been going on with him physically, it's clear that Denver's offensive line problems have been too great for him to overcome. Those can be addressed in the offseason, and they surely will be.

But let's worry about those issues later. The Broncos have at least two more games to play.

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Dear NFL, please keep Bill Vinovich away from SAF@MH kthanksbye

Good Morning, Broncos fans! It turns out that Denver has a couple of paths to a first-round bye beyond a win at Oakland or a Cincy loss at Pittsburgh. However, each scenario involves a tie:

  1. DEN win or tie
  2. CIN loss
  3. CIN tie IND win

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The Broncos’ season isn’t over yet, you guys

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Man, it's funny (not funny) how the story changes so quickly.

One moment, the Broncos are a team transformed, with an old school offense and defense that are going to carry them through the playoffs, and even through Foxboro if need be. Then they get punched in the mouth for 25 minutes straight, and realize they need to actually let their best player throw the ball some.

Three straight touchdowns later, and we're all thinking happy Super Bowl thoughts again. At least, we are until Britton Colquitt does his thing and Peyton Manning throws a pair of horrid interceptions.

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