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Roger Goodell is incompetent, Chapter 1,583

Good Morning, Broncos fans! It sure was nice to go a few weeks without having to think about the incompetence of Roger Goodell, wasn't it?

Well, the latest chapter of the Ray Rice story ensures that Goodell and his bumbling will remain at the forefront for some time to come.

Convenient for the NFL that news of Rice's arbitration win slipped out on a Friday afternoon, and on Black Friday to boot.

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Thanksgiving football serves up three turkeys

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! We hope you had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.

If you were expecting or hoping for competitive football games, though, you were out of luck, as there were instead three blowouts.

In the first matchup, Detroit whipped Chicago 34-17, as Matthew Stafford threw for 390 yards and two touchdowns.

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It’s time for Denver’s kick coverage unit to get busy

Good Morning, Broncos fans, and Happy Thanksgiving! Denver's defense was short several players on Wednesday.

Aqib Talib (hamstring), Brandon Marshall (concussion), and Kayvon Webster (shoulder) were held out, while Danny Trevathan returned to practice as he aims to return for Week 15.

But according to Troy Renck, the Broncos expect to have Marshall and Webster back for Sunday night's game at Arrowhead.

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Is it already the end for RG3 in Washington?

Good Morning, Broncos fans! It's hard to believe it's only been two years since Robert Griffin III was emerging as one of the NFL's brightest young stars.

On Tuesday night, for the second time in as many years, RG3 has been benched, this time in favor of one Colt McCoy (!).

Washington is putting out word that Griffin is still in their long term plans, but it's readily apparent that Jay Gruden & Co. are moving on.

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Two kickers would be a lot worse than one

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Tuesday is tryout day across the league. Most of the time, we hear about them post-fact.

But because Brandon McManus clanged a gimme off the upright on Sunday, word of today's auditionees (fairly) prompted a Breaking News email from the DP.

McManus is under fire, and deservedly so. He's missed four kicks already, although let's not forget that Denver has lost only one close game this year, and McManus made his lone attempt that day in Seattle.

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Odell Beckham, Jr. is rather talented

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Denver came up with a huge, potentially season-saving win on Sunday, but let's be real here: Odell Beckham, Jr. is the story today.

On Sunday night, the rookie Giants wideout made perhaps the greatest catch any of us will ever see, for a diving one-handed 43-yard touchdown.

As amazing as the catch was in real-time, a closer look shows Beckham might have accomplished it using only three fingers.

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Julius Thomas not expected to play against Dolphins

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Until late Thursday night, it appeared Denver would need a win against Miami just to maintain a share of the AFCW lead.

But thanks to the Raiders, the Broncos now have a golden opportunity to pull a game ahead of Kansas City heading into the Week 13 rematch at Arrowhead.

And if the Lions pull off the upset at Foxboro, Denver could jump back into a tie for the best record in the AFC, although the Patriots do hold the head-to-head tiebreaker.

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Emmanuel Sanders didn’t like intent behind hit that concussed him

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Rams safety Rodney McLeod was not fined for his borderline hit that left Emmanuel Sanders with a concussion.

The wideout agreed with the league's decision from a rules standpoint, but he didn't appreciate how McLeod approached the play:

In terms of targeting, I felt like the guy could have gone for the ball. I think his intentions the whole time were to deliver a blow. That's the only thing I am not too happy about.

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Don’t ever feel guilty about enjoying a Chiefs loss

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Let's all continue to laugh at the Chiefs, shall we?

What happened last night truly could not have been timed better, what with the fawning and fluffing that had immediately preceded it.

That the Raiders nearly blew the game by acting like they'd never been there before (well, it wasn't really acting; they hadn't been there before) was the icing on top.

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Manny Ramirez claims the Broncos offensive line never gets any credit (LOLZ)

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Recently waived veteran running backs Ben Tate and LeGarrette Blount have already found new (and old) homes.

Tate was claimed by Minnesota, which had a pressing need at the position due to Adrian Peterson's suspension.

Blount is, of course, headed back to New England, where he spent the 2013 season.

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