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More ground gone Lard 11-8-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Unfortunately, yesterday did not provide the sort of respite one expects from a bye week. Jokeland and the Chefs battled it out in an exciting football game befitting a great rivalry, with Jokeland winning in OT on the strength of several huge pass plays Jason Campbell to Jacoby Ford, who also took a kickoff all the way back for a score. The Dolts got a big road win in Houston, as Philip Rivers reminded everyone of his greatness - on just 23 attempts, he racked up 295 yards, including 2 touchdown passes each to one guy you may not realize is still around (Randy McMichael), and another who you likely never heard of before yesterday, or right now (Seyi Ajirotutu).

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Bye Sunday Lard 11-7-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Here are the TV maps for today's games:

CBS Early Game
CBS Late Game
FOX Single Game

Enjoy your Sunday!

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The Daily Lard 11-6-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Practically nothing in terms of news relative to the Broncos. But still, plenty of good stuff to read. There are a few big college matchups today, most notable among them being #3 TCU heading to #5 Utah, and #6 Alabama taking on #10 LSU in Baton Rouge. Unfortunately, those two are both at the same time (3:30 ET). Enjoy the day, folks!

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BTW - tonight is the end of Daylight Savings Time, so don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour before you go to bed.

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Ellis speaks, says little Lard 11-5-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Mike Klis nabbed an interview with Broncos COO Joe Ellis, who responded to questions about Josh McDaniels, Pat Bowlen and Denver’s disappointing season with typical canned responses one would expect from a person in Ellis’ role. Frankly, it’s difficult (impossible?) to find anything of substance within his words, although Klis points out that Ellis didn’t guarantee that McDaniels would be around in 2011. But votes of confidence and guarantees that a coach/GM will return are often meaningless - when asked but three months ago if the Mets’ last GM would return, team owner Fred Wilpon responded rhetorically with, “Is the sun going to come up tomorrow?” only to axe Omar Minaya the day after the season ended. Besides, we’ve already heard that McDaniels will be back in 2011, and for good reason. We’ve been over the roster overhaul many times, but as Adam Schefter and others have pointed out, Mr. B is paying Mike Shanahan and McDaniels about $6.5 million in 2011 - the former not to coach, and the latter to coach. Pat Bowlen is not about to pay three head coaches at the same time. So, if it matters to you, Pat Bowlen and Joe Ellis are not happy with the Broncos’ season thus far, and the whole organization is trying really, really hard to win every week. In other words, keep buying tickets, concessions and merchandise - they feel your pain, but what did you expect them to say?

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Broncos avoid Merriman/Moss debacle Lard 11-4-10

Good Morning, Broncos Fans! Randy Moss is now a Titan, and Shawne Merriman is now a Buffalo Bill after their respective new teams claimed them off waivers yesterday. This means the Vikings and Dolts are off the hook for the balance of their salaries, and the new teams are now responsible. Why am I so pleased with this news, and why should you be as well? Obviously, I’m not about to say that they’re washed up. Moss is certainly not, and Merriman is still young. But the Broncos have no need at WR, and the double-whammy price tag of Moss’ salary and his attitude only make him less valuable to Denver. Plus, do you think he would even report to a 2-6 team? I think not. As for Merriman, the Broncos have been lacking at linebacker. But Robert Ayers will hopefully be back soon, and Denver has enough actual football problems without adding PEDs and domestic abuse allegations to the mix. Good misses, for sure.

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The Daily Lard 11-3-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As typical of a bye week, not much in the way of Broncos news. But, plenty of interesting stuff going on elsewhere, including Randy Moss’ refined tastes, Shanny’s newest QBgate, and the release of Lights Out.

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McDaniels safe through 2011 Lard 11-2-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Our friend Woody Paige is back with some real, actual (and needed) journalism today. In confirming what Adam Schefter stated on Sunday NFL Countdown on Sunday, Woodrow says Josh McDaniels is very much safe in Denver. This is especially so because the Broncos are already paying half of Mike Shanahan’s annual $7 million salary in 2010 and 2011, and owner Pat Bowlen will not consider paying three head coaches next season (if there is one). But aside from the fiscal reasoning of why not to fire McDaniels this year, Woody states that Mr. B and COO Joe Ellis are pleased with how McDaniels and GM Brian Xanders have managed the salary cap and upgraded the roster, and they see growth in McDaniels in his off-field management of players.

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All-phases failure Lard 11-1-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans. I could try to sugarcoat this, but frankly that would be too difficult - I’m a Mets fan, after all. Some might say it was the referees’ fault, or that a few mistakes were to blame for the Broncos’ 24-16 loss to San Francisco. There’s bad luck, there’s misfortune, and then there’s making glaring mistakes at seemingly every juncture. Yes, the Broncos were perhaps only a big call or mistake or two away from winning the game. However, they made an awful lot of them. The special teams were atrocious, as Britton Colquitt shanked two punts, Matt Prater missed an extra point, and Jarvis Moss negated a would-be Eddie Royal punt-return TD with an unnecessary block in the back. The defense allowed Frank Gore to rack up 125 total yards despite his being the clear focal point of the Niners’ offense, while Andre’ Goodman got torched on a Michael Crabtree TD despite having help over the top, and Brian Dawkins and Champ Bailey allowed a Hail Mary completion at their own 1-yard line despite outnumbering the Niners receiver. That same defense failed to take away the ball and came up with zero sacks on the day.

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Halloween in London Lard 10-31-10

Happy Halloween, Broncos fans! What’s to say, aside from the obvious? This is a must win for Denver, on so many levels. Pushing back memories of last week, calming a rabid fan base and local media, getting into the bye week on a winning feeling, among the more cliched ones. Perhaps none of those are truly important in a football sense, and today is again but one game, yet things could certainly get ugly with a loss today. On the flip side, it will surely be interesting to see/hear what the folks who claimed Josh McDaniels had lost his team last week will have to say if the Broncos win, and especially if they do so emphatically. I’d suspect there wouldn’t be much backtracking, but rather downplaying the value of a victory against what would be a 1-7 Niners team. Okay, I’ll stop speculating. Let’s get to those sparse Sunday links (lots of stuff about playing in England, not a lot on actual football)...

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Broncos in London Lard 10-30-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Brian Dawkins, Andre’ Goodman and Eddie Royal have all been declared as probable for tomorrow’s game. The only other players on the injury report are the five who did not make the trip - Robert Ayers, Perrish Cox, Darcel McBath, Kevin Vickerson and Wesley Woodyard. While this is still a lengthy list, we are most definitely looking at a better situation than in prior weeks. For San Francisco, QB Alex Smith and C Eric Heitmann are out, while CB Tarell Brown is doubtful. TE Vernon Davis and RB Anthony Dion are listed as questionable, while LB Ahmad Brooks, CB Nate Clements and G Adam Snyder are all probable.

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