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Chiefs looking more and more familiar

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Earlier in the week, the Chiefs added former Broncos Kevin Vickerson (free agency) and Jerry Franklin (promotion from PS).

As of Friday, injury has pushed another familiar player - Ryan Harris - into the starting lineup, at right tackle.

Harris is the Chiefs' third option there, as Donald Stephenson is suspended (PEDs), and Jeff Allen is having elbow surgery which will likely end his season.

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Proposed new policy may leave Josh Gordon on the outside looking in

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Speculation continues that Wes Welker could be reinstated today, following the potential passage of a new drug policy.

But Josh Gordon? Not so much.

Adam Schefter reports that Gordon's one-year ban may only be reduced to eight games, because the positive marijuana test that triggered it took place during the 2013 league year.

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Damn, football news sure is depressing

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Yes, there is football news that's not directly related to Roger Goodell (although there is more of that below).

Unfortunately, the other news is actually worse.

Arizona defensive end John Abraham has taken a leave of absence from the team, citing severe memory loss and a flagging desire to play the game.

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The latest on Roger Goodell

It's open season on Roger Goodell.

Current and former players are teeing off on him on Twitter, and the National Organization for Women has called for his resignation.

His response, or at least that from a source close to him ("Never"), calls to mind Dan Snyder's defiance in the face of calls to chance his franchise's blatantly racist name.

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Pegulas win bidding for Bills

Good Morning, Broncos fans! At the end of this month, the FCC will vote on ending the NFL's blackout rule.

In an op-ed for USA Today, the agency's chairman, Tom Wheeler, explains why he supports an end to the antiquated rule:

With the first weekend of professional football in the books, two things should be abundantly clear: The NFL is king; and the Federal Communications Commission's sports blackout rules are obsolete and have to go.

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On Roger Goodell: A compendium of thoughts

It's been particularly difficult this week to focus/care about last weekend's games, or any upcoming action.

The NFL is in crisis, and its commissioner is under fire.

Roger Goodell's bungling of the Ray Rice case is a watershed moment for the league.

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Chargers loss gives Broncos lead on entire AFCW

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Denver has a full game lead on the rest of the AFCW today, thanks to a late comeback win by the Cardinals on Monday.

Arizona scored 12 fourth-quarter points to knock off San Diego 18-17, with Carson Palmer directing a game-winning 91-yard drive.

Philip Rivers was intercepted once and had a key late fumble that pushed San Diego out of field goal range.

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The NFL and/or Peter King are full of shit; Terrance Knighton wants Ray Rice banned

By now, the world has now seen the videotape of Ray Rice knocking his then-fiancee out cold in an Atlantic City elevator.

The league that knows no shame is now claiming not to have had access to the video prior to giving Rice his two-game ban.

Of course, that's not what Peter King reported on July 29, in no uncertain terms:

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Rib injury may keep Cam Newton out for Week 1

Good Morning, Broncos fans! It's time for the Broncos to put all that hard work to use.

Sure, there's the typical stuff - the workouts, the weightlifting, the practices, the game planning, and film work.

But that's not what we're talking about.

It's time for Peyton Manning & Co. to test their vocabularies.

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Malik Jackson to play with a heavy heart

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Only Danny Trevathan and Ben Garland have been ruled out for tomorrow's opener.

Seven other players are listed as probable, but most of them were full practice participants throughout the week.

Louis Vasquez and Isaiah Burse had been limited on Wednesday, while Malik Jackson was excused for Thursday's session.

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