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Super Bowl 49 recaps

It was a great game; congratulations to the Patriots. But frankly, I don't want to spend all that much time writing about it and their legacy (unmatched, at least since I've been watching football). Anyway, here are the recaps from our favorite NFL writers, plus the essential ones.

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Do math and science support Patriots’ claims they’re not cheaters?

Physicists from Harvard and Columbia, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye have called it unlikely that the Patriots' footballs shrunk on their own. But did they check their work?

According to scientists at Carnegie Mellon and MIT, Mother Nature really may be to blame for the Pats' latest cheating scandal.

From the New York Times:

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Real scientists deflate Belichick’s lesson; locker-room attendant implicated

Over the weekend, Bill Belichick called an impromptu presser, during which punched back with an apparent strong defense of his team and his own legacy. There was a My Cousin Vinny reference, defense of the prior so-called Spygate cheating scandal, and loads of pseudoscience.

Pats Nation got all lathered up, thinking the hooded one had put his latest allegation to rest (as if they needed any convincing). Here was Belichick's science lesson from Saturday:

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Everyone thinks the Patriots are full of hot air

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady took to the podium on Thursday, and quite predictably, pleaded total ignorance to their latest (of many) possible cheating scandal(s).

Given his 40 years of coaching in the NFL and well known reputation as a micromanager, it's hard to believe Belichick previously knew nothing about what happens to game balls each Sunday, as he suggested.

Brady was even less convincing, first admitting that he's very particular about his game balls, but then claiming to have noticed no inconsistencies during the AFC title game.

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The latest on the Patriots’ shrunken balls

Jay Glazer, FOX:

The Baltimore Ravens tipped off the Indianapolis Colts going into the AFC title game about the Patriots doctoring the air in footballs, according to FOX Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer.

According to Glazer, the NFL was already planning to inspect the balls at halftime, despite D'Qwell Jackson's interception originally being reported as the cause.

While the NFL is still investigating and figuring out what direction to go in terms of possible penalties for Bill Belichick and the Patriots in what is being dubbed "Deflategate," many NFL owners, general managers and coaches are tired of the Patriots and are wondering if the league will finally take a hard line.

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Monday’s thoughts on the Gary Kubiak hire

Following up on Sunday night's post, here's some of what was written on Monday about Denver's hiring of Gary Kubiak:

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Collected thoughts on the Gary Kubiak hiring

Plenty of virtual ink will be spilled in the coming days discussing Denver's hiring of Gary Kubiak. We'll do our best to keep up.

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Terrance Knighton would still take less money to stick around

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As you may have gathered, there hasn't been enough time in the day for a Lard, what with the near constant flow of coaching search-related news and speculation.

Now that there's at least a momentary lull, let's get caught up on what else has been happening around the league this week:

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Patriots prompt another debate over what is and isn’t cheating

Good Morning, Broncos fans! It's January, and the Patriots find themselves in a very familiar place. And we're not talking about the AFC Championship, even if next Sunday will mark the Pats' fourth straight appearance in that game.

Rather, New England is again at the center of a controversy regarding the rules and spirit of the NFL.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh accused the Patriots doing "an illegal type of thing" on Saturday night by using deceptive substitutions during their first scoring drive of the second half (when they trailed 28-14 but then drew to within 28-21).

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Jack Del Rio to Raiders chatter warming up

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Here are a few developments in the league's coaching and GM searches:

  • Mike Florio says the chances that Oakland hires Jack Del Rio appear to be increasing, while throwing out the notion that a loss on Sunday could result in some coaching firings by Denver.
  • Per the Daily News, the LOLJets are leaning toward New Jersey native Dan Quinn as their head coach and Texans college scout Mike Maccagnan as GM. Quinn is said to want Kyle Shanahan as his OC. The irony here is that Quinn was the presumed target of recently fired GM John Idzik.
  • Mini Shanny and Greg Roman may interview for the OC opening in St. Louis.

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