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STFU, Holmgren

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Wait, did we suggest yesterday that there would be little in the way of news out of Dove Valley? Whoops.

Obviously, Orlando Franklin's reported move to left guard qualifies as enough big news for one day.

But we also forgot that the regular season schedule is going to be released soon - perhaps Wednesday or Thursday.

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Broncos kick off conditioning today

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The 2014 NFL Draft is still 2.5 weeks away, so there likely won't be much in the way of real news for the forseeable future.

As always, we'll make do as best we can; today's start of Denver's offseason conditioning program will have to suffice.

Perhaps we'll hear that Peyton Manning and (an uncovered) Emmanuel Sanders are developing a nice rapport.

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Raiders likely to cut Pryor

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The rapid fall of Terrelle Pryor is apparently about to reach its conclusion.

According to Alex Marvez, the Raiders plan to cut the young man who opened the 2013 season as their starting quarterback, unless they're able to trade him by tomorrow.

Pryor was the last player ever drafted by the late Al Davis, with a 2011 supplemental third-rounder.

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Saban clears up Manning’s and Gase’s visit(s)

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The Manning/Gase/Saban/CBA mini-controversy should blow over as quickly as it arrived.

Nick Saban did his best to help that happen, as he clarified his own remarks about having visited/chatted/met with his former assistant, Adam Gase, and Peyton Manning.

Said Saban of the idea that a CBA violation had occurred:

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Teams starting to exercise 2015 options on first-rounders

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Teams have two weeks remaining to exercise their 2015 options on their 2011 first-rounders, and many have decided to wait no longer.

Overnight, it was reported that Houston (J.J. Watt), San Diego (Corey Liuget), Baltimore (Jimmy Smith), the Jets (Muhammad Wilkerson), and Dallas (Tyron Smith) had already done so.

It's been reported over at the DP that Denver is expected to extend Von Miller's deal, which is an absolute no-brainer.

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Peyton says Montee’s ready for bigger role

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Another notable free agent domino has fallen, as the Jets have signed former Titans running back Chris Johnson.

The seventh-year back will reportedly get $8M over two seasons, but it's essentially a one-year deal (as most NFL contracts are).

Of course, the Johnson of today is nothing like the guy who topped 2,000 yards in 2009, as he averaged fewer than four yards per attempt in 2013.

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Welcome back, Mr. BLloyd

Good Morning, Broncos fans! After having spent the 2013 season out of the league, old friend Brandon Lloyd is back.

Lloyd signed a one-year deal to return to the Niners, who first acquired him with a fourth-round draft pick in 2003.

The acrobatic receiver has played for six teams in 10 seasons, with his first San Francisco stint (45 games) by far his longest.

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Von says he’s the best, and who are we to argue?

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Denver's deadline to trigger their 2015 option on Von Miller is now 2.5 weeks away.

According to new DP beat man Troy Renck, the team is still expected to do so (because, why wouldn't they?).

For his part, Von says he's dropped 20 pounds and is down to 250.

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Aldon Smith pulls a Greg Focker

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Niners linebacker Aldon Smith was involved in another troubling incident this weekend.

The young pass rusher was arrested at LAX after he was allegedly belligerent and claimed to be in possession of a bomb.

Smith is already facing drunk driving charges and felony weapons charges for a 2012 incident at his home.

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Former Bronco charged in shooting

Good Morning, Broncos fans! There's some dark news today involving a pair of ex-LSU football players - one a draft hopeful, and the other a onetime Bronco.

Tahj Jones, a senior linebacker who participated in LSU's pro day on Wednesday, is hospitalized in serious condition with a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

The man charged with having shot him is Brandon Winey, a fellow ex-Tiger who was a member of the Broncos in 2001.

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