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Eric & Jessie, you’re not in Colorado anymore

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! A shoulder injury to Ronnie Hillman gave Denver a bit of a scare yesterday.

However, Hillman did practice in limited fashion on Wednesday and is/was practicing again today.

Louis Vasquez was held out on Wednesday due to illness, but was also back to work today.

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Broncos remain an emphatic #1 across the rankings board

Good Morning, Broncos fans! After they pummeled the rival Chargers in Week 8, Denver remains atop all of the rankings we've been tracking this year.

For the second straight week, the Broncos have the #1 offense and #1 defense per AFA's efficiency rankings.

Their Gross Winning Percentage (explained here last week) inched up to an otherworldly 0.70.

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Celebrating Champ Bailey’s greatness

Champ Bailey was never much for yapping about his own greatness. But showboating and self-promotion aren't prerequisites to become one of the all-time greats, which Champ surely was.

Bailey didn't have the irritating ego of peers like Brett Favre, Deion Sanders, or Terrell Owens, so he wasn't talked about quite as often.

But he'll end up in Canton just the same, and probably as soon as he's eligible.

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Broncos reportedly shopping for a backup tackle

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Dallas's (6-2) six-game winning streak came to a thudding halt with a 20-17 overtime loss at home to Washington (3-5).

A week after he led them to a comeback win over Tennessee, Colt McCoy won his first start in nearly three years.

The Texas native netted 302 yards of offense and rushed for one score.

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Peyton Manning isn’t the only guy throwing touchdowns galore

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! It's been suggested in some parts that Peyton Manning will someday set the all-time touchdown pass record too far out of reach for anyone to break.

Of course, that's been said about pretty much every record ever set, whether sports-related or not.

And if Sunday's games told us anything, it's that no quarterbacking record will ever be safe.

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Thomases turning down lucrative offers from Broncos, just as they should

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As we've been over countless times, Denver is going to have to break the bank to keep Demaryius and Julius Thomas.

The timing couldn't be better for these two players to be hitting free agency.

Their production continues to increase while playing with Peyton Manning, and the salary cap may be the only thing rising more quickly.

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Emmanuel Sanders has taken Denver’s passing offense up a notch

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Seven games don't quite make a season, but how about Emmanuel Sanders' 2014 campaign?

Denver's free agent bargain is now tied for fifth in the league in catches, is eighth in yards, and has just one touchdown fewer than he did in his first three seasons.

His season totals are already the second best of his career, and he needs only another 20 catches, 106 yards, and two scores to match his 2013 figures.

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Seems like everyday is a referendum on Peyton Manning’s greatness

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! With their emphatic win last night, Denver matched Dallas for the best record in the NFL.

Of course, that's pending the rest of this week's games, including a matchup between the two 5-1 squads, Philly at Arizona.

On a programming note, we've updated last night's recap to include links to videos and analysis.

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Broncos say they’ve given up on extending Thomases in-season

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Not that anyone was expecting otherwise, but the Broncos put off contract talks with the Thomases until after the season.

In the spring, John Elway had set the start of training camp as a public deadline for extending Demaryius and Julius Thomas.

Once camp started, he stated that the team was willing to keep talking into the preseason.

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What about Brock?

Good Morning, Broncos fans! All of the talk recently has rightly been about Peyton Manning. But what about his backup?

In his latest mailbag, Mike Klis says he can't see Brock Osweiler signing a second contract if Manning plays out his own deal, which runs through 2016.

Brock is signed through 2015, and has attempted all of 21 passes in his 2.4 seasons.

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