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Thoughts on the offensive line

Why i favor a Left Tackle in the Draft

I think the Broncos have been making do with less at Tackle for a lot of years now, but really, the paradigm has shifted to this being a Cutler-centric team.  While it is true that we've often gotten by with lesser talents on the OL, remember that the two Super Bowls were won with Gary Zimmerman and Tony Jones (A Hall of Famer and a near Pro Bowl-caliber pass-blocker, respectively) at LT.

I have love and appreciation for Matt Lepsis, but he had a terrible year in 2007, by his own admission.  I think he was an A- Right Tackle, and a B- Left Tackle, at his best.  He was always a very good run-blocker, and a somewhat marginal pass-blocker.  Erik Pears, in my opinion, is really not a starting-caliber Tackle in the NFL, as much as we may like underdog stories.  If you watch the line play over the last two seasons, you can routinely see Pears getting dominated.  He was better on the right than he was on the left side, (where he was a disaster,) but he really should be a third tackle, not a starter.

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Growing the passing game

Thoughts about passing offense.

I mentioned in my first post that I am an offense guy.  Really, to expand upon that, I am very interested in the passing game. I think our passing game can find another gear this year, and be very dangerous, maybe as dangerous as it was during the Super Bowl years.

You hear a lot about the West Coast Offense which was popularized by Bill Walsh with the 49ers in the 1980s.  It came to be used at a time when 3-4 defenses were used by nearly every team in the league, and it was designed specifically to beat the 3-4.  By employing quick 3 and 5 step drops, rollouts, timing routes, and liberal use of the Tight End running the seam of the defense, it created good matchups against the comparatively lesser team speed of a 3-4.  It's essentially designed to work more horizontally than vertically.  You hear the Shanahan offense referred to as a West Coast offense, but I don't consider that to be very accurate.

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First post

A long-ish post about me and the kind of Broncos fan I am.

I became a Broncos fan in January of 1987, when I was 9 years old.  Super Bowl XXI was the first game I ever watched in its entirety, and my father was rooting for the Giants.  He kept yelling at my brother Chris and I to shut up so he could watch the game, so we got mad at him and started rooting for the Broncos.  Both of us have been Broncos fans since.  My father changes allegiances every time he changes cities, and in January 1998, he lived in Milwaukee and had become a Packers fan.  He refused to take my call after TD scored, which made my gloating feel even better, and I still remember this as the happiest day of my life.  Such is the power of football and the Denver Broncos.

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