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Digesting the Eagles

Happy Friday, friends. Rather than doing a Digesting article about the Eagles today, I decided to look at the big question: is their offense a fad, or does it have staying power? Nothing gets football talkers more riled up than speculating on whether new tactics can work over the long haul in the NFL.

Most of them are of the default belief that nothing new can ever work. I’m sure that, in their early days, that was said about innovations like the 3-4 defense, or the zone-blitz, or the shotgun. The reality is that some new stuff works, and some of it is relegated to the dustbin of history.

And then you have something like the Run and Shoot, that worked well for a while, and then ostensibly faded away, but quietly, its principles are still quite common to this day.

Today, I’m going to explain why the Chip Kelly design works, and why it will continue to work in the NFL on an ongoing basis. Hit the jump, and we’ll get to the bottom of this.

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Should Denver try to trade for Jordan Gross?

The NFL's trade deadline is still 4.5 weeks away (4pm ET on Tue, Oct 29), and no team (except for the Browns) is ready to cut bait on 2013.

Of course, trades can occur anytime between now and then, and Robert Mays has a few ideas, including one that would have Denver send a fifth-round pick to Carolina in exchange for left tackle Jordan Gross:

Why the Broncos should pick up the phone: With Ryan Clady done for the year, Denver’s only real weakness appears to be at left tackle. Replacement Chris Clark played very well against Lamarr Houston on Monday night, but Gross is a proven commodity. Denver has the inside track to the Super Bowl right now, and bringing in a proven left tackle as a one-year rental would be a perfect way to keep it. You can replace “Denver” with “Seattle” in that last sentence, and the point stands

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Mailbag: What to make of Terrelle Pryor?

Happy Tuesday, friends. We got an email from one of our readers today, by the name of Daniel Henderson. It’s easy for us to think sometimes that our reader base = our commenter base, but the reality is that for every person who comments, we have many, many regular readers who don’t.

Here’s Daniel’s question:

I was wondering if any of you guys noticed Kiszla on twitter yesterday being the only person in the media who i could find ripping hard on the non-nfl QB-ness of Pryor. Fully expected a comment somewhere today about it! All the other pundits seem very high on Pryor.  Thoughts?

Oh, I have some thoughts.  Hit the jump, and we’ll count the thoughts.

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The Recipe: Decker’s late conversion on 3rd-and-7

Happy Monday, friends. There was something subtle but important that happened in the Broncos-Giants game, and I held it out from YGS on Saturday so that we could look at it on its own, and ponder it.

Facing a 3rd-and-7 with 3:49 remaining in a game they led 38-23, the Broncos threw the football. Not only that, they got the first down.

In the playoff disaster last season, the Broncos faced a very similar situation (3rd-and-7 from the Denver 47, 2:00 to go, up 35-28), and were content to hand the ball off to Ronnie Hillman for no gain. The Broncos punted the ball, and three plays later, Jacoby Jones was in the end zone.

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You Got Served: All-22 review - Broncos at Giants

Happy Saturday, friends. As mentioned yesterday, I’ve had a tremendously busy week, and couldn’t find four hours to do my All-22 work until this morning. So, it’s been a while since the Giants game, but I have some observations on it.

Knowing our reader base, I’m confident that you all still have interest. Ready… BEGIN!!

1. I don’t have a lot of screenshots on this topic, but I think it’s the most important takeaway from Sunday’s game, so I want to discuss it at some length. The Broncos defense, for the second week in a row, was extremely instrumental in winning the game.

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Beware the Kansas City Chiefs

Happy Friday, friends. I still haven’t had the four hours or so necessary to watch the All-22 of the Broncos-Giants game, and then write an article on it. I’m planning to do that tomorrow, so check the site on a Saturday. (I know you all have the capability.) I actually planned to watch the film last night, but I got caught up watching the Chiefs-Eagles game instead.

You’re not going to like this, but I thought it was time that we all came to the realization that the Chiefs are legitimate. Briefly, today, I’ll share some thoughts on this most regrettable of topics.

For Kansas City, it all starts with their ability to play defense, specifically man-to-man coverage on defense. They have two above-average man corners in Brandon Flowers and Sean Smith, and they also have safety Eric Berry, who’s proving to be very capable at covering TEs man-to-man. 

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Gut Reaction:  Browns trade Trent Richardson to Colts

Happy Thursday, friends. The Twitter world was set ablaze yesterday afternoon right as I was getting ready to attend an assessment where I was evaluated for competency to teach accounting and cost accounting to college students, as a side gig.

I did well, I think, but half the time, I was thinking about how interesting the Trent Richardson trade was, and what it said about the two teams that made it.

For the Colts, it reinforced the idea that they’re all about winning now, and that they don’t value draft picks very highly. Remember, they traded their 2013 second-rounder for Vontae Davis last year too. There are a couple of risks to this approach, and the main one exists because of the (still relatively new) CBA.

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Gut Reaction: Ryan Clady goes on IR

Happy Wednesday, friends. I wanted to weigh in briefly on the Ryan Clady news, because it’s obviously of material importance to a Broncos team that’s off to a terrific start this year.

A Lisfranc injury is serious, and it’s definitely the sort of thing that would prevent a LT from performing at a high level, or really, being able to perform at all.

I know what some of you are thinking – did a championship season just go up in smoke with one injury? I’m pretty sure the answer is no. Clady is an excellent player, but he’s not as impactful as several other players on the team. If the defense can survive the loss of both Von Miller and Champ Bailey, the offense can withstand the loss of Clady.

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Digesting the Giants

Happy Saturday, friends. Today, I'm going to preview the New York (Football) Giants. There are a number of teams in the NFL that I'm indifferent toward, but the Giants are not one of them.

They actually play a key role in my founding story as a Broncos fan. If it wasn't for the Giants, and my dad being an ass on January 25, 1987, I most probably wouldn't be writing for this site today.

You know what I hate the most about the Giants? Their homers in the media, of which there are plenty. I had to listen to Bob Papa Friday morning on Sirius XM NFL Radio make the case that the Giants were going to beat the Broncos because Bill Parcells is getting his Hall of Fame ring on Sunday, and they'd want to make him proud.

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The Recipe: Touchdown pass #6 to Demaryius Thomas

Happy Thursday, friends. This season, I'm going to pick one key play per game, and break it down in a short-form article. There's always some game-behind-the-game stuff to talk about, and I feel like bringing it to IAOFM will add some value for our reader base.

Today, I wanted to look at the sixth (!) of Peyton Manning's seven (!!!) touchdown passes, which covered 26 yards, and went to Demaryius Thomas. When the offense is generating TDs at the rate that the Broncos were, it's easy for details to get lost in the live game coverage, and NBC didn't get into something interesting on this play.

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article talking about alignment concepts for defensive backs, and it focused heavily on body posture. When you were a kid, did anybody ever give you a hard time about your posture? I hope so, because it's important. On this touchdown pass, it was the key to the success of the play.

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