State of the Site

Commenting changes

A while back, we made the move from our own commenting system to Disqus. We didn't want to force people to sign up for yet another account on the web, and using social logins (or perhaps a Disqus login you already had) seemed the easiest option. I had the ability to bring social logins to our own system, but it was still very basic in nature.

Disqus recently sent out an email that they were pushing us onto their new system. I think they have a really good product, but there are a couple of reasons why I held off using it.

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Where did I put my keys?

We've heard that people like to search on the Internet and want things like the things they're looking at.

Translation: we finally added search to the site. We tested quite a few solutions and found 'The Google' to be the best. All pages are now search-enabled from the navigation bar, and just hitting "return" will take you to your results. It will work the same cross-device (we know how you people like IAOFM on the go).

Also, "Recent Originals" on the right side of every article/post/diatribe/confession has been replaced with "Related", which should give you other items related to the one you're reading (unless, of course, there aren't any). For example, looking at Doug's latest post about roster cuts will show you other roster-related stories.

As always, if you run into any problems, please email me.

A New View

Welcome, to a redone It's All Over, Fat Man! We've tweaked the design, added more hamsters to the wheels that power this thing, have some new features and — gasp — put up advertising.

The first thing you'll notice is a design tweak, or a complete redesign, depending on where you're reading this. For those viewing on desktop/laptop browsers we focused on readability. If you're on a mobile device you'll notice a much bigger change. This site will now conform to any modern mobile device (think iOS, Android, Windows Mobile 7+). Again, readability was the focus and you should be able to comfortably view this site from iPhone to Nexus 7 to PC.

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New commenting and a membership tweak

Coming tonight: we're moving our comments over to Disqus.

It means having an IAOFM membership is no longer required to post here. An account at any major site (or Disqus, which I'll recommend) will be necessary.

Why change? Features, features, features.

Update after the jump

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Prime Cuts and more ways to follow

By now, most of you have noticed Prime Cuts, our new link blog.  We wanted to serve up some quick news items throughout the day, sometimes with commentary, sometimes not.  We've made each source clear for those wondering where we might be linking to.

Today we've started including Prime Cuts in our Twitter feed.

We will not be including it in our RSS feed, instead we've created a separate feed for it:

Also, if you're looking to skip over Prime Cuts you'll notice the recent entries list on the right side of the site.  Those will only show our original pieces of content.  There will be a menu item for that shortly.


Google+ released "business pages" today, similar to fan pages on Facebook, a place for your brand to have its own page.

So we jumped on it and It's All Over, Fat Man! now has its own Google+ page.

That adds to: Facebook, Twitter and RSS as ways to keep up with IAOFM, besides returning to this site again and again, of course.

Happy +1-ing.

Keeping up with IAOFM and a quick hello

Howdy there Broncos fans, a quickie introduction: I'm the man behind the curtain. I'm not pulling any levers on the editorial crew here, but I am setting up the site and speaking the HTMLs and all of the other fun stuff we need to make this thing work.

As the troop is pumping out great draft coverage, I wanted to remind everyone that there are various ways to access It's All Over, Fat Man!:

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