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Goodbye, and thanks

My romance with football began in January 1987, on a day when I pulled for the team whose colors matched my hometown sporting loves. John Elway drove his Broncos 98 yards into history and on to SB 21, and I was hooked.

Many irrational actions would follow. There was the face painting well into adulthood. The pilgrimage to Mile High with a pair of colleagues I didn't even know that well. The trip to SB 33 with a bunch of complete strangers.  Considering whether I could install a DirecTV dish inside my New York apartment in order to watch Broncos games each week (many buildings there won’t allow residents to erect contraptions outside their apartments, understandably).

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Fresh starts

Everything that has a beginning has an end. Beginnings are usually laced with excitement and anticipation. Endings are often sad. This one isn’t, but it’s bittersweet.

I’ve had the privilege of writing about the Broncos since the lost days of On the Bus at the Denver Post. I learned a great deal about the game from some of the writers at MHR. That was an earlier incarnation of that site and I wrote there for some time. Eventually, TJ, Doug, and I felt a kinship for a different kind of option.

And was born.

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Thank you, see you soon

It’s All Over, Fat Man! had a good run. I’m sad to hit the gigantic pause button, but proud of the work that was put up by Doug, TJ, Ted, and Doc.

My job was to wear the tech overalls. There was a KISS (keep it simple, stupid) approach here, and I like to think we accomplished that. Don’t let anything cast a shadow over the thoughts of our writers. I’d chime in from time to time with something I found interesting or amusing — amusing, most likely — but mostly stuck to making my updates behind the scenes, once in a while with a public warning.

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Continuing to undesign

In a continuing effort to focus on readability and content, I've made some more design tweaks. Or untweaks, depending on how you want to look at them.

The most noticable changes on all devices are the top navigation, now matching the color theme of the rest of the site, and the font sizes, many of which are slightly larger than before.

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Beta feature: What we’re reading

For a long time blogs have had blogrolls1. Until they didn't. Although some still do. It's a nice gesture, and we're appreciative to see IAOFM on any of them.

We wanted to create something a little more useful for you, our dear readers2.

We created our own river of news. There are currently over 10 sources, and we'll be adding more shortly. The most recent stories are shown, with a byline, the date, and a quick blurb. The page will update frequently throughout the day.

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Introducing the IAOFM Daily Newsletter

We're always looking to make following this site easier. Some people simply visit, others follow on Facebook, Twitter, or G+.

For those that aren't into social sites, and have zero idea what RSS is, we're offering a daily newsletter. It's a simple sign-up; only email is required.

Join the list here!

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IAOFM community recognized

Since it's SB week, Disqus chose to focus on IAOFM and longtime reader/commenter Underdog on their blog today:

Underdog is a big Denver Broncos fan (lucky him, this year!), and spends much of his time sharing his knowledge, and debating others, on It’s All Over Fat Man (the story behind the community’s name is brilliant — you can read more on their site).

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Ad and subtract

Time to change a few things around here. But before that, let me jump into my Scrooge McDuck vault and swim around for a bit, because we've added a new ad.

Everyone loves ads, right? No? Ok then. Listen, we have to figure out some way to pay for Doug's upcoming litter, and a second advertising spot seemed like the way of the internets.

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You have 0 comments, or 53; same thing

A while back, we switched to Disqus for commenting. We've had a very good experience so far, and outside of a few individual issues, it's helped discussions move along easier than our previous commenting system.

I know many look at the home page and other index pages for the comment counts on stories, and they've all been listed as 0 since April 2nd, no matter how many comments have been made.

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