Open Threads

Open Thread - Preseason Broncos @ Cowboys

After the lengthy lockout and a couple weeks of furiously debating Orton/Tebow, how good does it feel to be watching some actual Broncos football?! 

Enjoy the game, and Go Broncos!!!

Open Thread: 2011 Draft day three

Welcome to day three of the 2011 NFL Draft, Broncos fans! Enjoy the proceedings!

Open Thread: 2011 Draft day two

Welcome to the second day of the 2011 Draft, Broncos fans! Enjoy it, and be sure to follow Ted's live pick-by-pick analysis!

Open Thread: 2011 Draft first round

Good Evening, Broncos fans! It's finally time to get the 2011 Draft under way; enjoy it!

The player visits/workouts list has been updated, find it here.

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Super Bowl Sunday Open Thread

Enjoy the game, everyone!

2011 Pro Bowl Open Thread

Enjoy the game, and go Champ and BLloyd!!

Championship Sunday Open Thread

Enjoy the games everyone, and Go Packers!

Divisional Round Sunday Open Thread

Enjoy the games! Go Seahawks!! Since we're all about being honest and forthright here, let's just be blunt - let's all hope Cutler takes about 12 sacks and throws 4 picks today...

Open Game Thread - Saturday’s Divisional Playoffs

Enjoy the games everyone!

John Fox introductory presser Open Thread

John Fox's introduction as the Broncos' 14th head coach will be streamed live via the team's website at the top of the hour. Discuss Fox's comments here...