The latest on the Patriots’ shrunken balls

Jay Glazer, FOX:

The Baltimore Ravens tipped off the Indianapolis Colts going into the AFC title game about the Patriots doctoring the air in footballs, according to FOX Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer.

According to Glazer, the NFL was already planning to inspect the balls at halftime, despite D'Qwell Jackson's interception originally being reported as the cause.

While the NFL is still investigating and figuring out what direction to go in terms of possible penalties for Bill Belichick and the Patriots in what is being dubbed "Deflategate," many NFL owners, general managers and coaches are tired of the Patriots and are wondering if the league will finally take a hard line.

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Adam Gase joins John Fox in Chicago

As expected, the Bears and John Fox have reportedly hired former Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase to run their offense.

Additionally, Ed Donatell will coach defensive backs under Fox and Vic Fangio; Donatell held that position during two stints with the Broncos (1995-99, 2009-10).

Vance Joseph wasn’t the only assistant blocked from promotion on Tuesday

While the Broncos are surely disappointed that Cincy won't let them hire Vance Joseph as their next defensive coordinator, the Bengals are far from alone in their use of a rule that permits teams to block promotions to positions other than head coach.

To wit, on Tuesday alone, the Rams were blocked by two different teams in their search for a new offensive coordinator - the Colts prevented them from meeting with Rob Chudzinksi, while the Packers did the same with Alex Van Pelt. As Jim Thomas notes in that story, Green Bay has blocked many assistants from interviewing over the years.

Report: 11 of 12 Patriots game balls were underinflated by 15%

According to Chris Mortensen, the NFL has found that the Patriots underinflated 11 of their 12 allotted game balls by two pounds on Sunday. This is a significant difference, as league rules stipulate inflation to 12.5-13.5 PSI.

To put that in perspective: for a tire to deflate by 15% on its own, there would need to be a 75-degree drop in temperature. Obviously, nothing like that occurred at Foxboro on Sunday.

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Report: Bengals block Vance Joseph from DC interviews

It looks like the Broncos and John Elway will have to find a Plan B after all, at least as far as their next defensive coordinator is concerned. According to Alex Marvez, the Bengals have blocked secondary coach Vance Joseph from interviewing for a promotion in either Denver or San Francisco.

As Ben Hochman discussed on Monday night, hiring Joseph would have been a historic move for the Broncos, who have had only one African-American coordinator in their history (Ray Rhodes).

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Report: Bengals allow Vance Joseph to pursue DC position

According to Dianna Marie Russini, the Bengals have allowed secondary coach Vance Joseph out of his contract to pursue a defensive coordinator position, presumably in Denver. The former CU Buff quarterback has coached NFL defensive backs for the past ten seasons, including three with Houston under Gary Kubiak (2011-13).

Meanwhile, Adam Gase is reportedly interviewing with the Bears about their OC vacancy on Wednesday, which would seem to suggest he's a slam dunk for the job. After all, why would John Fox bring him to Chicago and not hire him? Then again, Charlie Weis is also reportedly a candidate for the job.

Three more Broncos assistants follow John Fox to Chicago

Three more former Broncos assistants have joined John Fox's staff in Chicago: Dave Magazu (offensive line), Sam Garnes (secondary assistant), and Derius Swinton (special teams assistant). Special teams coordinator Jeff Rodgers was the first assistant to make the move with Fox; it remains to be seen whether his brother Jay (defensive line) follows suit.

Magazu has been replaced by former tight ends coach Clancy Barone, while Joe DeCamillis and Jeff Rodgers have traded places. Denver's defensive staff figures to be on hold until they hire a defensive coordinator, possibly Cincy secondary coach Vance Joseph.

Report: Joe DeCamillis returning to Denver as special teams coach

Joe DeCamillis is returning to the Broncos to again be their special teams coach, according to Michael C. Wright. He previously held that role in Denver under Dan Reeves from 1988 to 1992, before following the latter to the Giants and Falcons. The Arvada native and Wyoming alum spent the last two seasons in Chicago, but is being replaced by former Broncos coach Jeff Rodgers.

DeCamillis was seriously injured in the Cowboys' notorious practice bubble collapse of 2009, suffering fractured cervical vertebrae during the accident.

Marc Trestman replaces Gary Kubiak in Baltimore

Baltimore has hired Marc Trestman to replace Gary Kubiak as their OC. Trestman was fired by Chicago after two seasons as head coach.

The options continue to narrow for Adam Gase, as Jacksonville is reportedly hiring Greg Olson to run their offense.

Report: Vance Joseph not a slam dunk for Broncos DC

As of this morning, the Bengals have reportedly not yet granted permission for Denver to hire Vance Joseph as their defensive coordinator. Per Alex Marvez, owner Mike Brown plans to meet with Joseph at the Senior Bowl before deciding whether to release him from his contract as Cincy's secondary coach. While a move to Denver as DC would be a significant promotion, the Bengals have blocked similar moves in the past, including with Kevin Coyle, as Marvez notes.