It was all that Dan Marino’s fault; everyone knows that

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Add Dan Marino to the group of ex-players suing the NFL over its handling of head injuries.

That list already included more than 40 HOFers, but make no mistake about it - Marino's is the biggest name.

It's somethiing of a puzzling move, though, given that the pending $765M settlement already covers all retired players.

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Elway arrested for assault, but not the one you’re thinking of

Good morning, Broncos fans! Doug is off again today--actually, he's off to San Francisco (damn liberal) for a few days.

Between the draft and preseason, there's always a need for news--something to keep the football universe afloat for a few months.

The usual suspects aren't always enough. You know what I'm talking about: speculation about each and every draft pick, where they will fit in, how some undrafted free agent might make the squad (unlikely, homie).

Then there are the stories that just help things along. Take, for example, this one about John Elway's son arrested on assault charges.

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Could Cowboys be worth $4B?

Good Morning, Broncos fans! It sure sounds like Montee Ball is Denver's starting running back.

Adam Gase said as much the other day, stressing that the main positional competition there is for the #2 spot.

Mike Klis and others have suggested the team might eventually bring in a veteran back to complement their many youngsters there.

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Playoff expansion? No, thank you

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! As Dan Pompei suggests, it appears that playoff expansion is an inevitability.

But as for his argument in favor of the idea, we strongly disagree with it.

Pompei is right when he says it's possible that a theoretical seventh seed could win the Super Bowl.

Of course they could.

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Broncos haven’t opened contract talks with Demaryius

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Well, here we are again.

It's May 30, and Nate Irving is the starting middle linebacker for the Denver Broncos.

In past years, he hasn't been good enough to beat out Joe Mays, Keith Brooking, Stewart Bradley, Paris Lenon, or a relocated Wesley Woodyard.

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Alex Smith, $18M per year quarterback?

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Wednesday marked the start of Denver's first full-squad OTAs.

Peyton Manning & Co. toted around a football covered in green Lycra, apparently to help reduce their alarming fumbling woes of 2013.

While Manning preferred to remain tightlipped about the strategy, we'll assume the material makes the ball more slippery.

If the players can improve ball security with a slippery ball, it should follow that gripping the real thing should be easier, right?

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Tony Romo and Kyle Orton don’t sound like BFFs

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Today's first full-squad workouts mean the start of Phase 3 of the offseason program.

Contact and one-one-one drills are not permitted, so we're still a far cry from the intense practices of training camp.

But John Fox and Chris Harris say this a particularly important juncture for defensive players, who will finally be able to line up against other players and start making on-field adjustments, as opposed to just playbook study and mental reps.

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Craft a last-place roster, get a promotion!

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Given yesterday's holiday, there's not much in the way of news today.

21 teams will commence their first full-squad OTAs today.

Denver and five other teams will follow suit tomorrow.

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Chris Harris has a small circle of trust

Good Morning, Broncos fans, and Happy Memorial Day! As always, thanks to all who serve and have served.

More to the point of today's holiday, our thoughts are with all who have lost someone who served.

As he does each year, Chase Stuart uses the day to honor NFL players who served.

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New drug policy may come down harder on DUI offenders

Good Morning, Broncos fans! There's some good news on the NFL's law and order front.

According to Mike Florio, the next drug policy is expected to include a one-game suspension for first-time DUI offenders. The current policy only includes a fine for first-time offenders, with bans not generally kicking in until after multiple incidents.

The league has always been relatively lax on drunk driving, a point underscored by how heavyhanded it is with marijuana use.

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