Whatcha, done Willis? Lard 10-19-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! I hope that today you’re feeling at least a bit better than you were yesterday. Josh McDaniels announced yesterday that Matthew Willis would be placed on IR after breaking his foot on Sunday. Meanwhile, he did not have any comment regarding the health status of Eddie Royal or Kevin Vickerson, both of whom left Sunday’s game with groin injuries. Hopefully, McD’s silence means at least that there’s a chance they’ll both play.

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The day after the Jets - 10 points to consider

After reading TJ’s synopsis of the Broncos/Jets contest, there isn’t that much that I have to offer that he hasn’t already commented on. There is also little to argue, since I find that most all he has to say can be effectively backed up by the play-by-play and by watching the contest again. That said, I’d like to offer a few thoughts that either didn’t come out or deserve to be given even greater support. Here are ten thoughts that I found worth considering after re-watching the game.
By the way, how many of you recall saying that what you really wanted this year, especially with all the injuries, was a team that went out and was competitive each week? Well, this one was a great example of watching what you wish for, because competitive was the name of this game. The outcome wasn’t what we wanted, but Denver was in it to the end. I was and am proud of this team, and I have a lot of faith in them, especially considering where they are coming from.

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A Second Helping of…Strength of schedule

Note: Each Monday we take a look at a player the Broncos used in a new, creative, or interesting way in the previous day’s game.  This week we’re getting a second plate of not a player, but the Broncos’ Strength of Schedule.

Hope is not enough.

This time, though, it might be, Broncos fans—especially after the Broncos just finished the most carnal part of their schedule.

Allow me to explain myself—without writing the word “carnal” again.

Everything is going to rest on the two games the Broncos play against the Kansas City Chiefs.

While you might have already guessed this by looking at the AFC West standings,  I wanted to confirm your suspicions through more than just the prism of a 2-game deficit.

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Woulda coulda shoulda Lard 10-18-10


Good Morning, Broncos fans. I don’t know about you, but I was mightily impressed yesterday by our Broncos. Yes, they probably should have won, and were the better team for much of the day. But they made too many big mistakes at the wrong times, just enough for the Jets of New Jersey to slink away with a victory. The bad snaps by Lonie Paxton and J.D. Walton (two of the worst I’ve seen), the missed kick by Matt Prater (albeit a long one), and the fumble by Knowshon Moreno all loomed large. So did that last pass-interference penalty on Renaldo Hill at the end, although I was fine with the call. But let’s not lose sight of something. This was a team without its best safety and defensive heart in Brian Dawkins, its best linebacker in Robert Ayers, a starting cornerback in Andre’ Goodman, and two key special teamers and backup defenders in Darcel McBath and Wesley Woodyard. They didn’t just play their hearts out and all that cheesy cliched stuff - they played some excellent defense, and did so all game long.

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Gut Reactions - Week 6, Broncos-Jets

Last week, Josh McDaniels said the Broncos weren’t tough mentally.

Early in the game today they were just plain stupid.

In the first quarter alone, the Broncos managed a stupid personal-foul penalty; several miscommunications in the passing game; a fumble despite covering the ball with two hands; and the most idiotic of all things in the NFL (or high school for that matter) - a botched field-goal snap.

The Broncos’ run defense and the Jets themselves—stupidly turning the ball over 3 times—kept the Broncos in the game.

But at crunch time, on a day in which the Broncos painted the town orange, the color yellow was the stupidest thing of all.

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Week 6 Open Thread

Enjoy the games, and Go Broncos!!!

3:51 ET Update - Lindsay Jones is reporting that Zane Beadles will start at RT in place of Ryan Harris, while Nate Jones will start in Brian Dawkins’ spot at safety. Meanwhile, Mario Haggan will be playing outside in Robert Ayers’ place and Joe Mays will be in Haggan’s spot inside.

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Orange Sunday Lard 10-17-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Denver made two sets of roster moves yesterday, adding LB Kevin Alexander and S Kyle McCarthy from the practice squad, making room for them by cutting T D’Anthonty Batiste and RB Andre Brown. Brown’s release could mean that the team is feeling good about Knowshon Moreno’s health. If you’re going to the game, wear orange, and if you’re sitting in the first level, please actually stand up and make some noise when you’re supposed to. This does not include the times if/when the Broncos go for it on fourth down. But you know that, right? (note: This is all rhetorical in nature and an attempt at humor, however poor. Clearly, our readers are well-educated in the football department, among many other topics. They know when to cheer, how loudly to do so, and will clearly be wearing orange if they’re at the Big IF today. Quite frankly, they wouldn’t be reading this site otherwise…)

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Fat Man’s Five-Course Meal, Week 5: Broncos - Jets

(Note:  Doc Bear contributed to this tasty meal)

Here at Fat Man, we think you deserve more than just football analysis.  You deserve a nice meal, too.  So in the spirit of food and drink, we present to you our weekly analysis of the upcoming Broncos game and opponent.  May you leave a little wiser.  And with a full stomach.

The Appetizers (Big Picture) - Because everyone needs a little snack right when they walk in the door.

The New York Jets come into this game the darlings of the NFL.  After a razor-thin loss in Week 1 to the Ravens, the Jets have rolled off four straight wins against quality opponents like the Patriots, Dolphins, and Vikings. 

Offensively, the Jets come into the game ranked 1st in the league in rushing yards per game and 3rd in rushing yards per play.  That’s fortunate for them, because the Jets run the ball like they’ve got Earl Campbell in the backfield.  They are one of only five teams in the league that run the ball more than they pass (52% of the time).  One of the potential pitfalls for the Jets last season was interceptions. QB Mark Sanchez has dramatically improved in this department this year.  He has yet to throw even one interception.

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The Jesus, The Generator and the Experts - Week 6

Perhaps you heard about the daring rescue of the trapped Chilean miners this week.

Well, I didn’t, and Peter King’s ego never takes a rest.

So let’s look at how King got crushed once again.

As we usually do, we ask our random number generator (RNG) to makes its picks for the week’s NFL games.  We then compare these picks to the so-called experts.  To make things even more lively, I include my cat, Jesus Quintana, in on the picks, along with Doug Lee and myself (Doc Bear is too smart for this).  The RNG is simply armed with the notion that 57% of the time, the home team is a winner in the NFL.  Quintana picks between two quarters as I drop them to the floor.  Doug Lee uses his superior intellect.

I use Kahlua and a proprietary mathematical formula.  If that doesn’t work, I go to my happy place and chant positive affirmations until the picks come.

So how has the RNG done this week?

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Moreno practices, Thomas returns Lard 10-16-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Demaryius Thomas returned to practice in limited fashion yesterday and is listed as questionable, as are Knowshon Moreno and Spencer Larsen. Mario Haggan and Andre Brown were full participants and are listed as probable. As Josh McDaniels had already announced on Monday, Robert Ayers, Brian Dawkins, Andre’ Goodman, Darcel McBath and Wesley Woodyard are out. Knowshon practiced on consecutive days for the first time since his latest injury, and it appears that Russ Hochstein will again be starting at left guard. Meanwhile, it’s expected that Kyle McCarthy will be elevated from the practice squad to provide safety depth tomorrow.

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