Seahawks trade Percy Harvin to Jets

In a stunning move all around, Seattle has traded oft-injured offensive weapon Percy Harvin to the Jets for a conditional draft choice.

According to John Clayton, the pick will be either a second-, third-, or fourth-rounder in 2015.

Seattle is selling at a steep loss, as they first acquired Harvin from Minnesota in March 2013, in exchange for first- and seventh-round picks in 2013 and a third-rounder in 2014. 

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A Second Helping of Bradley Roby covering tight ends

Every year, we talk about the Broncos' issues with covering tight ends. Who’s strong enough, long enough, motivated enough?

We talk about it because the era of the tight end is back. Sid Gillman, who said that with two good TEs you can control the middle of the field, has again been proven right.

But the reality is that you don’t need to be tall or long to cover a TE. Strength helps, especially when the TE is firing off the line. You need a guy who can redirect him or change his timing. It’s the moment when the TE is most vulnerable. Most will be bigger than the coverage player. With good leverage and a nasty attitude, the defender can use the five-yard window to make the TE change his route.

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Maybe the Broncos’ win over the Jets wasn’t so bad, after all

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! The Jets (1-6) nearly knocked off New England (5-2) on Thursday night, but for a blocked 58-yard field goal attempt at the gun.

New Jersey pounded out 28 first downs, 218 rushing yards, 80 offensive plays, and held the ball for 40:54 of turnover-free football, but it wasn't quite enough, as the Pats emerged with a 27-25 win.

Mind you, these were the same Jets whom Denver held to 31 rushing yards on 15 carries just five days ago.

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Open Thread: Jets @ New England

PFF, ESPN, NYT, and Daily News preview the matchup. As the bitter rivals face off again, a pair of ancient wounds are being reopened:

  • In an upcoming memoir, Bill Parcells details Bill Belichick's controversial move from the Jets to Patriots
  • A former Jets scout is said to have campaigned hard for the Jets to draft Tom Brady in the sixth round of the 2000 Draft, only to be shot down by Parcells

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Marvin Lewis says concussions are worse nowadays, because of the media

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! By now, we all understand that concussions are no small matter.


Right, professional head football coach Marvin Lewis?

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What’s wrong with the Broncos’ offensive line?

A couple of readers emailed us about a recent post from Jeff Legwold, in which he suggested the Broncos' offensive linemen are tipping running plays with their footwork:

If you can, would you shed some light on what he means about the O-linemen tipping the run with their footwork? Isn't that something if a writer knows about the Broncos should know about and fix? Thanks. - Anthony

Doc - have you noticed anything like this while watching the OLine this season? Very curious if this is a legitimate claim. It could help explain why our running game has been so putrid to this point. Any thoughts are appreciated! - Isaac

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Broncos promote Shaq Barrett to active roster

As expected, the Broncos promoted Shaq Barrett to their active roster on Wednesday.

Barrett takes the spot vacated by Danny Trevathan, who was placed on short-term IR.

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Broncos are #1 among sportswriters, bandwagoners, and computers

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The people have spoken, and they think the Broncos are the bestest.

Unfortunately, these people to whom we refer are sportswriters and bandwagon fans, so there's that.

For the first time since 1998, the Broncos are America's favorite NFL team, according to the latest Harris Poll on the subject.

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Broncos place Danny Trevathan on short-term IR

The Broncos have placed linebacker Danny Trevathan on short-term IR; he'll be eligible to return for their Week 15 game at San Diego.

Trevathan fractured a bone above his left knee early in Denver's 31-17 win over the Jets.

A fracture below the same knee during training camp had caused him to miss the Broncos' first three games.

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Broncos will host a banged up Niners squad

Good Morning, Broncos fans! If you only watched the first quarter of Monday's game, you might have come away thinking the Broncos face an easy task on Sunday night.

The Rams (1-4) and Austin Davis jumped out to a 14-0 first-quarter lead, but it was mostly Niners from there on out.

Colin Kaepernick threw three touchdown passes and piled up 380 yards of sack- and turnover-free yardage, and San Francisco (4-2) emerged with a 31-17 road win.

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